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"You Must Stay in Control During Stressful Situations – Here Is How To Do It"

Newsletter March 5, 2014
Are you concerned about globalization, no-fly zones, the yen, inflation, earthquakes, food safety, radiation? Is your worry affecting your work performance? Probably-- and it's not doing your health any good to worry about it either. In the modern era we know about psychosomatic illnesses, so we know the power of our brain to make us ill. Here are some strategies to keep you going through the difficult times, so you never become ill:
1. Keep busy.
Dwelling on our worries just feeds more worry. Let’s mix our metaphors - worry snowballs, it grows like amoeba, it feeds on itself! If we keep busy, the capacity to take a break from worry grows. Strangely enough, focusing on keeping busy helping others, helps us by distracting our attention from ourselves. So get busy, and start helping those around you. They will show their appreciation and you will feel spiritually and mentally stronger as a result.
2. Cooperate with the inevitable.
Everyone has unexpected changes that occur in their lives. For example, if the office was closing, you would need a new job. Those facts are beyond your control, and worrying about them will only affect your work performance and have a negative effect on your health. However, what you can control, is how you will handle this situation, and have a positive outcome from this.
3. Decide just how much anxiety this is worth and refuse to give it more.
You've realized your situation, and you've come up with a plan. Now, you'll likely find that concentrating on your future is going to be your main concern. Dwell on your strengths not your weaknesses. We have so many things to be thankful for, but we often take them for granted. Putting everything into perspective is a great way of giving context to our anxiety and worries.
4. Live in "day-tight compartments."
Handling each day as it comes will keep your workload manageable in size, and the situation will be easier to handle. Here is some gold nugget advice -stop struggling with things from the past that upset you – you can’t go back there. Also, while you are at it, stop worrying about things in the future, you are not there yet. Certainly, plan for the future but definitely don’t paralyze yourself worrying about it. Deal with each situation as it arises. Set goals for yourself each day, and as you complete them, you'll realize that you can handle more and maintain focus. Realizing that change is a part of life, and not reserved as something that happens only to ourselves. We can gain control of a situation by working on how we will react to it. Events my overtake us but our reaction to events is always within our control.
When something goes seriously wrong, worrying and panic may seem like the natural response, however in the long run, these reactions will only have a negative effect. Keep in mind to handle each situation as it comes, living day by day, and that taking control of the situation by making a plan for yourself will help you overcome this hurdle.
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