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Why Choose Dale Carnegie Training?

We have one overriding goal with our training.  We deliver Behaviour Change in the participants, so that they absorb and use what they have been taught.  We do this to produce long term outcomes for clients and we do this off the base of over 100 years of experience in dealing with adult learners.  This sounds obvious – getting behavior change – but the vast majority of training simply imparts information which never gets applied and so the training is wasted.

Dale Carnegie Training is the only global training company to be ISO 9001 certified.  What that means is that we have really invested in our trainer development programme and we continue to invest.  ISO certification requires a lot of commitment and shows we are a serious professional organisation.  The result of our attention to professionalism on the part of our trainers is the fact that we score very high satisfaction rates with our training. 

Recently, we asked the headquarters in New York for the last five years of results on satisfaction scores with our training here in Japan – all trainers, all courses, workshops, seminars - everything!  The results came back with a 97.7% satisfaction rate.  You don’t get that level of client satisfaction by accident. It shows everything about what we do and how we do it.  We deliver the behavior change which produces the outcomes our client’s seek.

In 1912 Dale Carnegie Training started at the YMCA on 125th Street,  New York.  In 1936 the launch of the book “How To Win Friends and Influence People” became a global best seller (and it remains a global best seller).  The principles for getting on better with people that Dale Carnegie showcased in his book struck a chord all around the world. Those principles are timeless and universal.  In Japan, the translation has sold 9 million copies and continually ranks in the top 10 business books.

On January 8, 1963 the first Dale Carnegie class was taught in Tokyo.  102 years of history globally and 51 years in Japan assures clients that this is proven, well tested material that works.  It is thoroughly tested in 91 countries and 30 languages around the world and is always kept current.  We are constantly helping companies deal with their people issues and this keeps the curriculum up to date and compelling.

We don’t teach everything.  We specialise in 6 areas of corporate need:

Team Member Engagement
Engagement focused on getting the team behind a new direction for the organization, building a new culture internally and welding two teams together after a merger or acquisition.  Engagementis also closely tied to innovation and all companies need to do better in this area.  No one comes up with better ways of doing things when they don’t care and are not motivated.
Leadership Development
Succession planning is a big subject for all organizations and OJT (On The Job Training) is too random to guarantee the needed levels of leadership expertise the company requires.  Managers who just manage are a luxury companies can’t afford – they need people who can lead and manage.  To lead, you need to be able to work through people.  This is where Dale Carnegie’s insights into mastering People Skills really changes the game.
Presentation Effectiveness
Persuasive ability is critical, be it a one-on-one conversation or one-to-many.  When we speak, we represent the company, the brand.  Knowing how to persuasively present ideas and information to an audience is a must have skill.
Few people are confident to do this.
Process Improvement and Innovation
Doing more, faster, better with less, drives the need for innovation in processes.  Problem solving, driving change effectively, project management are fundamentals all companies need to perfect.
Sales Effectiveness
The B2B Sales Cycle – Rapport/Interest/ Solution/Handling Objections/Motive and Commitment must be mastered by the sales team.  Negotiating, account development, pipeline, prospecting all need high levels of expertise.
Customer Service
Inbound and outbound telephone skills, managing customer expectations, complaint resolution, value solutions, cross and upselling, referrals, attitudes for service, etc., are among the areas covered.

Over the last 102 years of teaching adult learners we have discovered a couple of truths.  Most training doesn’t work!  It is often just a sugar hit that doesn’t last.  One month after the training hardly anyone remembers much from the experience.  The biggest problem is people don’t apply what they have learnt, hence no behavior change!  No behavior change, no progress.

When Dale Carnegie started his training system, he didn’t try to take on Harvard or the Ivy League universities and challenge them on their theoretical constructs.  He decided to provide training that was highly practical.  He did this for a very simple reason – he was paid each night the participants attended his class.  He rapidly discovered that if he didn’t provide practical training, they didn’t come back.  This is one of the niche strengths of Dale Carnegie Training – what we teach is immediately applicable and highly practical.  The ROI on the training comes straight away.

There is a contradiction in business today.  Team members in organisations who keep doing the same things, in the same way, are getting the same results.  The problem is no company wants the same results - they want an improved, better result.  To get better results requires a change – we either do something completely new or something old, but in a different way.  These are the only two ways to get a better results.  Both of these however requires a change and this is where the process breaks down.  It breaks down because the people involved resist change.

The trap is the Comfort Zone.  We are constantly seeking to reduce risk in our lives, in every aspect.  We find the cheapest, fastest, safest way to get to work everyday.  We find the restaurants we like best in a kilometer radius from our workplace.  We have our friends at work and those outside of work, with whom we feel most comfortable.  In short we climb into our Comfort Zone and resist stepping out of it.  The vast majority of training is a transfer of data and information, with no reference to helping the participants step out of their Comfort Zone.  So, after the training everyone goes back to their workspace and unrepentantly keep keeps doing things as they always have and the training is completely wasted.

Dale Carnegie found the solution to this issue a long time ago and has built breakthroughs into the training that encourages people, step by step, to get out of their Comfort Zones and embrace change.

The Dale Carnegie system uses the Cycle of Performance Improvement to get results for companies.  There is a skill or performance gap that the company wishes to close.  This requires training to improve the current situation.  In Japan there is an attitude problem to training which is rather unique, which must be overcome before anything else can be done.  Many training participants turn up to training classrooms in Japan, with little or no idea why they are there.  They certainly lack objectives and goals for the training.  Part of this is poor management and part is cultural. 

In Japan, being told you have to go to training is often considered a slight on one’s current ability.  A veiled criticism that somehow you are lacking in some department.  The managers, usually undertrained or untrained, are not helping.  “You have training in two weeks – HR have the details” is the typical boss-staff conversation.  What a daunting prospect training becomes for the attendees and what a task for the trainer to overcome that negative attitude.

Imagine the difference if the conversation went along these lines:

“Suzuki – you are doing a great job.  I see a future senior role for you here.  In fact, we are going to invest in you.  We are bringing in the world famous Dale Carnegie Training company to run some courses and we want you to be one of those selected to attend. 

You probably have some areas you would like to make even better, so let’s get those down so we can pass them on to the trainer for special attention….

That is a good list, here are a couple of other areas, where I think the training would take you to an even higher level, so let’s include them too. 

By the way, after the training I would like you to come back and tell me how you are going to use what you learnt in the training, in your job”.

At Dale Carnegie Training we are very experienced with attendees being skeptical, fearful or negative about the training at the start.  We have special techniques to compensate for that and switch their focus to how the training can be a plus for their career advancement.  The participants are usually bracing themselves to be lectured at and are surprised and delighted by the interactivity of the training.

After getting the participant attitude positive about the training we focus on the knowledge transfer.  Now this is interesting because this is where all training companies put the emphasis – on the content.  Dale Carnegie has found that this is not enough.  The issue with knowledge transfer is around retention.  As mentioned earlier, in most cases with other training companies, a month after the training the “knowledge” has evaporated.  We have developed techniques in our teaching methodology that provides Permanent Learning.

One of the methods we use is Self Discovery.  Sadly, when we the instructors say something, the listeners can have it go in one ear and out the other.  Over the last 100 plus years we have been fighting this trend by imparting knowledge in a way that is the most effective.  If I say it – you will forget it, but if you say it , you are more likely to remember it. 

As trainers, we seek to have you find the insight yourself, rather than serving it up to you.  We have found that by setting the scene to help you get the idea yourself, you take ownership of the information or idea and you never forget it.  That sounds easy, but it takes a high degree of skill on the part of the trainer to accomplish that outcome.  We constantly challenge the participants to think about issues, to form opinions and to achieve breakthrough insights.

There is a powerful resource sitting in every training room and that is experiential learning.  We actively have the participants share experiences, insights and ideas, as we have found that this is a very rich source of learning.  Individual thinking, group discussions, presenting one’s ideas are constants in our training.

Another speciality of Dale Carnegie Training is getting the training content out of our heads and into our bodies.  We put a lot of emphasis on role play and modeling the outcomes we want to achieve.  Intellectually, we are all fantastic at “getting it”, we are less fantastic at doing anything with it.  We “understand” but we “don’t do”, we “know” but we don't “apply” it. 

This is called the Knowledge Trap and is the reason why we focus so much energy on getting the practical application of what is being taught executed immediately.  Our Time Spaced Learning construct helps with this, because between each of the sessions, the participants have practical homework where they have to apply what they have learnt and come back the next session and report on the result.

This allows us to build the positive new habits that ensure the learning is permanent , practical and relevant to each individual’s needs.

We deliver the training in either Japanese or English in three different ways.  We customise the training for companies, based on their unique needs.  For many training companies customising training is very expensive and time consuming.  As we have been doing this for over a hundred years, we have a massive curriculum of over 150 teaching content modules and see our ability to quickly and effectively customise the content as a major competitive advantage.  Of our Corporate In-House Training in Japan, around 90%-95% would be customized training.  In some cases, our existing core courses are perfect for that company and we only need to customise the delivery in the classroom, to match their business reality.


We have a large seminar curriculum which has a tactical focus (compared to the strategic focus of the customised training).  Stress Management, Step Up To Leadership, Multi-Tasking, Time Management, Cold Calling, Successful Public Speaking are all popular titles.  We can bring these In-House or deliver them as Public Programmes


Our Pubic Course Programme focuses on the Core Courses:

  1. “Leaders Not Managers - Managers Are An Unaffordable Luxury”
    (Leadership Training for Managers)
  1. “Persuasive, Confident, Impressive - Presentation Success Secrets”
    (High Impact Presentations)
  1. “Sales Professionalism – Success Guaranteed”
    (Sales Advantage)
  1. Successful Sales Leadership
    (Sales Leadership)
  1. “How To Get that Business Boost.  The 5 Drivers Of Success”
    (The Dale Carnegie Course)
  1. The Advanced Dale Carnegie Course

For companies with too few staff to warrant bringing a course inside as an In-House programme these Public Courses are a big advantage.  Sending one or a few staff along to the Public Seminars and Courses allows the team to get training at the highest possible level.  For some larger companies that worry about too much “group think” or too much insularity in their organisation, these public offerings are very attractive.  They allow the staff to mix with people from  vast array of backgrounds and industry sectors.

A lot of training is disparate.  You do training on leadership, sales, presentations etc., and it has no common glue binding it all together.  That is not the case with Dale Carnegie Training. We have two strong, common threads running right through all of our training.  One is the Dale Carnegie Principles.  The advantage of this common thread is when you do training with us, you find the Principles appear in all content, so you are able to master them.  You can also keep that base knowledge and move on to a higher plane, because you are already familiar with the content.

The second thread is the coaching methodology.  The trainers role is critical to the success of training.  In Dale Carnegie, all of our trainers are ISO-9001 certified.  It requires a huge commitment to become a Dale Carnegie trainer.  This is not for the faint hearted – you must complete 250 hours of training, minimum, to certify.  Each year you must re-certify to keep instructing. 

Visiting Master Trainers from headquarters keep everyone on their toes and ensure global standards are being met.  Our trainers come from business backgrounds, so they understand the issues facing the participants very well.  They can add additional insights from their own business experiences. 

All training is surveyed and the results are sent back to headquarters.  In this way, we can compare the trainers on a global basis against TQI (Total Quality Index) scores to make sure we are always operating at the highest levels of professionalism.

Our curriculum is extensive, thoroughly tested and constantly updated, based on feedback from our clients.  Each Module represents 2 hours of training delivery.

Team Member Engagement…………………………………...42 Modules
Leadership Development………………………………...……38 Modules
Presentation Effectiveness……………………………..…….16 Modules
Process Improvement and Innovation………………....…..11 Modules
Sales Effectiveness……………………………………….....…28 Modules
Customer Service………………………………………....……18 Modules

The modularisation of our content is very powerful.  We have taken big topics, like leadership, sales, etc., and broken them down to micro-segments.  Like molecules or atoms, we can re-combine the content of these modules into customised training very quickly and expertly. 

We also have a big array of established assessment tools.  We can quickly customise these tools for clients whenever needed.  We can assess organisational effectiveness looking at the Leadership Development Process, Leadership for Sales Managers, Executive Development Programme and Customer Perspectives (Mystery Shopper Surveys).

We also offer Talent Management and Individual Performance assessments.  These could focus on Leadership Effectiveness, Sales Effectiveness, Engagement Surveys and 360 Degree assessments.

People Performance Consulting allows us to bring our long experience and broad scope to bear for companies looking at critical issues. Executive Coaching also allows us to concentrate on individuals and their specific issues.

We work to partner with our clients through our 5 step iMAP Process

Your organisation’s strategic vision, the “Should Be” as opposed to the “As Is”
A strategic conversation with you to understand where the operation is today, where you want to take it and what needs to change to get there
Through assessments, surveys and our unique Business Improvement Discussion process, determine the alignment around the vision, competency gaps, that need to be closed and attitudes that undermine change.
Design interventions that support your strategic intent, provide measurable results, map directly to the competencies needed to power the strategic intent, blend competency development with attitudinal change and align emotional intelligence with corporate initiatives
Embed long-term behaviour change and gain emotional and intellectual engagement with corporate objectives.

The end result of this entire process is to deliver the Holy Grail of Training – Behaviour Change.

Without achieving behaviour change on the part of the participants, the training will not yield the results required and this is the central focus of all of our efforts on behalf of our clients.

What we do works!



Why We Are Passionate About Dale Carnegie Training

We are blessed today with the collected and collective wisdom of many ancient civilisations.  Modern breakthroughs in science, arts, medicine, technology, etc., continue to astound each successive generation.  Despite ancient wisdom and modern breakthroughs, we still struggle in one vital area – getting on with each other.  Dale Carnegie has added to our collective wisdom, but he has done much more than that.  He has created a practical training system, aligned around his 30 Human Relations Principles, which if we apply them, guarantees our people skills will improve.  Read more.


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How to Get That Business Boost - The 5 Drivers of Success
Dale Carnegie Course (8 Sessions)


Persuasive, Confident, Impressive - Presentation Success Secrets
High Impact Presentations Course (2 Days)


Leaders Not Managers - Managers Are An Unaffordable Luxury
Leadership Training For Managers (7 Sessions) 


Sales Professionalism - Success Guaranteed
Sales Advantage Course (8 Sessions)


Successful Sales Leadership
Sales Leadership Course (3 Sessions)


How to Be Confident in English - The Secrets of International Communication Success
Confident English Course (3 Sessions)

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