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The Importance Of Consistency In Sales

We all know that consistency is a fundamental requirement if we are going to establish trust with others.  We ask buyers to purchase from us on the basis that we will be delivering what we say we will deliver, on time, at the agreed price point and quality.  Now no salespeople go around promising anything less so there is no differentiation at this stage of the sales process. What can we do the have differentiating from all the other r vials out there making promises and claims of reliability. 
Saying you are reliable and trustworthy is hot air, until you prove it.  Obviously once we get the order and deliver we are in a position to walk the talk.  What about before that though?  How do we have the buyer feel comfortable with our hot air such that they decide to take a risk and buy from us?
Being able to quote statistics based on performance is powerful.  If we can say that our on-time delievery rate has been running at 97% on average over the last five years that is powerful.  Being able to show the dates and times in a format that offer prooof is even better.
Having testimonials that focus on the reliability factor is also convincing.  Most testimonials focus on broad satisfaction and quality, but Sking clients to comment on this specific issue is another way to differentiate ourselves from the competition.
Controlling expectations is another important factor in underlining our reliability and ability consistency.  Under promise and over deliver is an old chestnut but a good one for salespeople.  We tend to want to promise the earth to get the deal agreed.  The classic scenario is the sales team promises the client things the company can't fulfill, usually around delivery times or volumes.  The factory managers or the production department are now under immense strain to hold up the compNy's reputation because of laziness on the pat of the salesperson and this squally invites things to go wrong t t when you least need them to.
Promise we'll within your range of possibilities on the first outing with the new client. Deliver exceptionally well and then from there expand the conversation to include other services or products.  Don't bein a rush to cram the whole line-up down the throat of the buyer.  Bite size pieces is how you eat an elaphant and how you best see each new clients.  Patience and attention to detail are the primary requirements for success.
We should also be careful about our consistency in casual conversation.  If we tell someone our favorite baseball team is the current winning team but next year we are now supporters of the new champions, then we sow the seeds of doubt about our reliability. If you were a vocal critic of a political candidate before the election and now you are a supporter people wonder about your authenticity.  Some may see this as immense flexibility but reliability is more valued in business here.  If this person can change so easily they come across as opportunistic and standing for nothing.
In Japan especially predictably is valued.  Buyers like to be sure of what they Re buying and in the first instanc3 they ar3 buying us. We have to create a great first impression and after getting the business e have to create a great second impression and a great third impression, ad infinitum.
If we tell the client one thing and later contradict ourselves then the trust is destroyed and it is very hard to get it back.  The ability to deliver the same product or service at the agreed level doesn't always happen for a variety of reasons.  We had better have a rock solid explanation though as to why this variation occurred and why it won't happen again.  Everyone knows that things can go wrong, despite the best planning, so it is the reaction and response that buyers look for.  Mealy mouthed arguing the point infuriates clients much more than the fact of an error.  
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