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Selling your ideas

Have you ever wanted to share an idea with your boss that you think would improve the way things are done within your company? Here are some thoughts on how to successfully sell your ideas and win people to your point of view.
1. Clarify your ideas.
Boil down the content to the key points. Let your boss know what the subject of your conversation is rather than imagining the boss will somehow already know.
2. State what you have to offer.
Frame your delivery according to your boss’s personality style. For example, if the boss is an Analytical, then go for data and evidence. If the boss is a Driver, then state the idea and why and ask for agreement – don’t waste the boss’s time.
3. Talk in terms of the other person's interests - Discuss how the idea you are proposing will benefit them. "What is in it for me" is everyone’s mantra, so don’t make them guess – tell them clearly why this is a good decision.
4. Develop Evidence - Show how your idea would work in action, not just on paper. Precedent, previous case studies, industry best practice all support our persuasive effort. Time spent on this type of preparation reflects the wisdom of the proverb, "More time in training, less blood in battle".
5. Match your offer with what is wanted by the company - By connecting what your boss is looking to accomplish within the company and what you have to offer you are able to show how it will not only benefit them directly, but also the overall good of the company. Bosses tend to have greater strategic responsibility and so the way forward is always in their mind.
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