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What The Dale Carnegie Course Delivers For Those Working In The Professions

We need to succeed in our businesses through working with people.  We just cannot get enough hours in the day to do it all by ourselves.  We also need to use leverage.  We all understand the power of money to leverage the expansion of an investment portfolio or to grow a business.  What we sometimes forget is that our people are a tremendous form of leverage for us. 

If we work 20 hours a day 7 days a week that is only 140 hours.  If a team of ten people only work 40 hours a week, that is 400 hours by comparison.  The key is how to get the maximum commitment and productivity out of those 400 hours.  When we are younger we believe we can do it all through our own resources and for the greater part that is true.  We are only responsible to ourselves really.  However as we step up through the ranks in the business, we are given greater accountability, have larger targets, the deals are more complex and the whole equation shifts. We have to shift with it.  We have to grow into a new role.  We have to become the leader who gets willing cooperation from the troops.  This requires a number of skills and this course teaches those new skills.


We need to master communication and this course drives that aim.  The ability to really listen, to be clear, concise, relevant and trusted in our communication.  Words don’t have power by themselves.  They must be assembled and delivered in ways which are highly impactful with the listeners.  Only then can we get through to others and have real influence.  This takes training and practice with an expert coach.  You are as persuasive today as you will ever be.  How about taking that power to new levels?  This course will create that opportunity.

People Skills

Our ability to gain the trust of others is directly related to our interactions with them.  Our people skills are everything.  People don’t care how much you know, what they worry about is themselves and how you make them feel when you are around.  If we want to get high levels of engagement then we need to work on this area.  Those who are most like us are easiest to work with because we are on the same wave length.  Actually, that is a dangerous construct because we slide into group think and the variety of idea gets thin very quickly.  That means getting used to leading people who are nothing like us, have different motivations, prefer different communication styles and have different expectations.  We need to be excellent in dealing with people who are not like us.


We must work on a new type of leadership.  Not the leadership of status, titles, prestige and position power.  This only gets you compliance.  “Yes men” love this arrangement, but if we want innovation then we need followers who are sufficiently motivated to bother coming up with ideas on how to improve the business.  We must learn how to gain willing cooperation from others.  How to inspire them to want to do their job well, when no one is looking or noticing.    We uncover the strengths in others which we had no idea how to access before, because we are approaching them in a much more effective way.  There are proven methods for doing this and the Dale Carnegie Course teaches those skills.


We need to be pushing hard to drive the business forward.  This means going into areas where we are not experienced and are not 100% confident.  If we keep doing the same things, in the same way, we will get the same results.  We might feel very warm in our self-imposed comfort zone, but this is not where growth lies.  Nobody is satisfied with the same results. To get a better result means trying new things.  That means coming out of our comfort zone and accepting change.  Two things that most of us are reluctant to do.  This requires help because it is not our natural play.  This is where the coaching really becomes crucial.  To get us to go where we didn’t believe possible needs a guide.  This course provides this for us and so many graduates tell us “this course changed my life”.  This true time and time again, because that is the power of the Dale Carnegie Course.

Stress Management

Stress twists everything into strange configurations.  We become tired, short tempered, we get depressed more easily, our energy stocks become depleted faster, we make mistakes, especially with people.  Our judgement is affected and we can become sick.  Today, we know there is a direct connection between stress and illness and we need to keep that in mind when we face all the pressures that pile up.  We need some solutions and we need them to be practical, something we can implement by ourselves, that works.  This course is very unique in that it has a stress self-management element that really makes a difference for people.

It is time to invest in you.  Your challenges today, the business environment, the technology, business social media all are different to what they were ten years ago.  Are the answers you used for the last ten years going to be relevant today? 

You have been busy working in your business, not on your business.  Time to work on you, so that you can rally your strengths and power on though the next ten years.  This time with more self-awareness and deeper insight into how to succeed.  The Dale Carnegie Course pushes our self-awareness, thinking, goals, aspirations and clarifies our way forward.

Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communications & Human Relations - FREE PREVIEW

Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communications & Human Relations


Becoming An Influence Powerhouse

As a professional, we soon discover the limits of our own circle of influence.  There are only so many hours in the day and so many people we can meet in a week.  To grow, we need scale and we need to get leverage through people.  Our personal persuasive power to convince others becomes a critical factor in our success. 

Warren Buffett, the most successful investor in history, tells the story of how he struggled.  He was a smart guy, with great investment ideas but convincing others to give him their money was difficult, because he was not persuasive.  He was brilliant in analysing a target company’s situation, but he wasn’t brilliant in explaining why people should trust him with their money.  He was advised by a friend to take Dale Carnegie training.  As he always says in his interviews, this single thing changed his speed of progress completely and made him the outstanding success he is today.  There is a hint right there for other entrepreneurs.  If it had that big an impact on Warren Buffett, then why not get the same results.

All professionals need to attract hard working people to them, to go on the journey together to build the business.  They need to attract capital to grow the business, either from investors or from lenders.  They need to convince clients to buy from them, to trust them.

The persuasive ability of the professional is the greatest skill they must have.  Being persuasive isn’t something you are born with – it is a learnt skill.  The number one course on how to become more persuasive is the High Impact Presentations Course.  There are training courses on presentation skills but none as powerful as this one.  If you want to be number one, then do the number one course on how to be persuasive.

Over two days, the participants receive dynamic coaching, unlike anything else available in the market.  Why is that?  The training methodology being applied is the result of over 100 years of kaizen.  It has been localised for Japan over the last 50 plus years, so it works extremely well. 

This is a totally safe environment.  The feedback is of only two varieties – noting what the speaker did that was good and offering ideas on how it can be done even better.  We allow no critique because we are here to grow, to test, to challenge, to push ourselves.  We need the freedom to experiment.

This High Impact Presentations Course has not only stood the test of time, it has been tested in over 100 countries. The results in every language and country are always the same – outstanding. 

There are two instructors.  One in the main room, who coaches and videos during the delivery.  A second instructor is waiting in the review room, coaching and reviewing the videoed presentation with the participants. The quality of the coaching is the differentiator.  You just can’t get this quality level anywhere else.

All of the key presentation structures are covered in the curriculum as well as how to prepare the visuals and how to deal with really, really tough Q&A.  The power of the coaching results in speakers who are super confident.  Confidence sells. 

They are confident because after these two days they know that regardless of the venue, the time of the day, the audience, the topic, they are going to be in total control of the occasion and impress.  It could be a client meeting, a pitch to investors, a staff town hall, a staff recruiting interview  - it doesn’t matter, because their persuasion ability is so powerful.

Professionals need to be able to stand up in front of people and impress, not just stand up in front of people.  There is a huge difference between the two.  Just speaking in front of an audience and doing a lousy job is meaningless, in fact it is a big negative.  The professional is the key person in the company.  They are the “face” of the organisation and make or break their personal and company brands.  Get Dale Carnegie’s High Impact Presentations training and enjoy immediate, measurable results.

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High Impact Presentations Course in English and Japanese (2 Days)


Professionals Need To Ace Business Development

Those working in the traditional professions - medicine, law, accounting, engineering, architecture etc., are facing a much more competitive future.  Being really excellent at your profession is a given, because there are lots of alternatives to you, who are also good at their jobs.  The ability to persuade clients to choose you over the competition, is the make it or break it moment. 

How good are you at promoting yourself to clients?  Probably nothing at varsity or during on-the-job training has properly prepared you for this occasion.  You might be thinking that “selling” is for the vacuum cleaner and used car salespeople. 

“We are professionals and above the fray!”.  The professions have “business development” as the nomenclature for selling.  The word choice might be more palatable, but the essence of the requirement is the same.  You must convince the client to buy you.

If they don’t buy you, then they won’t buy your services or use your firm.  No matter how much excellent engineering knowledge you have, if you can’t communicate that effectively to the potential client, then your rival who can gets the business. 

If you are a whip smart lawyer and you can’t build rapport with the client, then they will go elsewhere, until they find someone they feel at ease with.

If you are an ace accountant, but you can’t properly understand what the client is trying to achieve, your solution won’t match and it will be a mess. 

Just being smart, experienced, up-to-date and capable is not enough anymore.  You have to know how to sell yourself to the client. There are methods available which work and these are adapted for all industries and business fields.  The key challenge though is knowing how to use the relevant best practice to persuade clients to trust you with their problem.

The Sales Advantage Course provides structure that is customized for the professions.  The participant takes the structure and decides the content which should apply, according to the type of client they will be dealing with.  This is a shell and the participants flesh it out.  The beauty of this methodology is that it fully focuses on your reality.  The buying process begins with the client feeling comfortable and having trust in you.  We teach you the best practice for this process.  How to design well considered questions comes next and digs out the outcomes the client needs.  This is then presented to the client as your solution in a way that makes sense and is convincing.

Clients may hold concerns or be hesitant or have an outright objection to what you have offered.  You learn how to deal with that situation, in a way that convinces the client to use your professional services.  Finally, you are confident to ask the client to use you and get the business going.  A lot of people leave it vague at this point because they fear getting rejected by the client.  They are scared of the thought of hearing a “no”.  Don’t worry that fear will never be an issue again after you have done this course.

If you are in the professions, you need to be accessing the full power of the Sales Advantage Course to make sure once the client meets you, the agreement to work together is done there and then.  This will be because you know what you are doing when it comes to selling your professional services.  If you don’t and your competitor does, then your business development efforts will fail and we can’t have that, can we!

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