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Newsletter May 10, 2013
We all encounter various problems throughout our day. Here are some easy ways to solve them before they turn in to even larger ordeals.
1. Clarify the problem
Look for the real problem at hand, and remember that it might not be what is most obvious.
2. Figure out the causes
To figure out exactly why the problem is occurring we need to do some detective work and look for the 'critical factors' that are the real causes. It is important to look at the problem from different angles and perspectives, and to take other people's opinions into account to apply the most successful solution.
3. Develop solutions
It is beneficial to develop numerous ideas for how to solve a problem. Be sure to keep an open mind and seek suggestions from those people who know more about the issue than you do. Be sure to not place a 'band aid' solution on the problem. Do not try to quickly fix a situation that may in the end cause more trouble that finding a complete solution.
4. Take action
Put your solution into effect! Realize that you can alter your solution at any time if it is not going as planned. Follow up and see what can be done differently in the future to assure that this problem does not occur again.
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