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"Secrets of Success"

Newsletter November 14, 2013
Current training and development research reveals that successful sales professionals typically share specific qualities. Rate yourself against these 6 items and see how you score?
For Business Professionals, Some Secrets of Success
1. Forward-thinking.
They are on the leading-edge of current business practices.
2. Relationship-oriented.
They are skilled at working with people and developing long-lasting business relationships.
3. Service-focused.
They are aware of the strategic importance and of their role in delivering quality service to customers.
4. Technology-literate.
They know how to apply technology to advance business goals.
5. Value-added.
They take every opportunity to enhance the value of their products and services.
6. Team-driven.
They maximize the talents of all team members to improve customer satisfaction.
In addition, the latest research findings show that the best sales people possess true leadership skills, including the ability to facilitate complex decision-making an attribute that has a distinct competitive advantage in today's fast-changing global market.
So how did you rate yourself? Did you find any gaps between your self-image, your imaginings and reality? Time to get back to basics again!
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