Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Energizing the Sales Force in a Down Economy

During times of economic uncertainty, business and consumer are more likely to delay purchases. Be a good sales manager! Identify when your sales team has become de-motivated due to the economy’s state.

The sales manager’s role is manifold: cheerleader, psychologist, coach, and mentor. The article “Energizing the Sales Force in a Down Economy” discusses specific techniques that sales managers can use to motivate and encourage the sales team, and increase their success. 
• A perfect time for training is a slow sales period.
• Emphasize the value of positive attitude and relationship-building.
• Share the good news related to the industry.
• Plan individual sessions with positive and supportive mindset.
• Lead small team sessions to hear shared ideas for better outcomes.
• Ride –along your team, show them techniques to move the sale foreword.

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