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Are you selling to Japanese buyers?

Do you want to be more successful?

To sell to Japanese Buyers, you need to:

  • Create long-term partner-level trust or NO SALE.
  • Fully understand Japanese buyers’ real needs or NO SALE.
  • Convince buyers with your solutions or NO SALE.
  • Overcome their hesitation, fear, and doubt or NO SALE.
  • Know how to ask for the order or NO SALE.
  • Ensure re-orders and life are good.

This book is the product of 30 years in the trenches, experiencing real-world pain, frustration, disappointment, and elation selling to Japanese buyers.

When you don’t know what you are doing, Japan is a killer for salespeople.

Don’t get killed. Read this book.

Japan Sales Mastery

¥2,000 (+tax)


Table Of Contents

Introduction 1
Keep Your Shtick to Yourself Buddy 5
What Is Your Sales Philosophy? 9
Creating Sales Certainty 16
Credibility Is King in Sales 22
Salespeople Should Be Principled 33
Let’s Go for the Sales Bull’s-eye 43
How to Be Likeable and Trustworthy in Sales 47
The Death Valley of Sales 54
How to Be a Better Listener 58
How to Prepare Properly for Client Meetings 64
Life or Death Sales Question Design 70
The Solution Design 91
Anticipating Hesitation and Concern 105
Designing the Commitment to Buy 159
Sales Follow-Through for Winners 123
Characteristics of Successful Negotiators 129
The Negotiation Process 132
Sales Networking that Works 136
Your Morning Attitude Determines Your Performance Altitude 150
Sales Success Habits 155 Selling Services in Japan 159
Tips for Overcoming Procrastination 163
Buyers Behaving Badly 166
Five-Step Storytelling for Salespeople 170
Stop Killing Your Sales  173
Mr Kurokawa’s Real Japanese Customer Service 175
Presentation Skills for Salespeople 178
The Danger Zone: The New Financial Year 190
Conclusion 195
About the Author 196



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