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Leaders build people and manage processes. Managers manage processes... therein lies the key difference between the two. Going from Manager to Leader is not just changing the details on your business card. This is a totally different game. Managers must switch gears and think of their role in a completely different way. Many organisations place people in positions of added authority, but unfortunately do not provide the training to enable the newly promoted Leader to be successful. This adds great stress to the individual and the organisation. We all know that being the star player doesn’t mean you will be the best coach for the team. The skill sets are different. Promoting the technical or functional specialists to have responsibility for others, without providing the best practice on how to lead others, is a formula for trouble.

This One Day Course overcomes these difficulties by covering the 4 key elements of Leadership success:

1. How to lead not just manage

2. How to have outstanding leadership communication

3. How to be an effective coach of your direct reports

4. How to manage people’s performance 


Course Outline

Participants will learn how to:

  • Achieve whole team results and hold everyone accountable

  • Discover their own leadership style and understand that this has a huge impact on the effectiveness of subordinates

  • Appreciate the real potential of all of the team members

  • Build solid relationships of mutual trust and respect

  • Develop and maintain processes and procedures that define performance

  • Do delegation that works

  • Define strong team purpose, values, and expectations 

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