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Public Speaking Mastery

Being able to stand up in public and speak with clarity, persuasion and enthusiasm to groups is a powerful skill that all business people need. However, not enough business people have sufficiently developed this aspect of their professional skill set. For large numbers of leaders it is even worse than that. Sadly, many in this group actually avoid speaking on public occasions, due to their deep fear of humiliation, ridicule and failure. It doesn’t have to be like that!
Time to make some choices:
➢ Learn what to do from professionals and become competent or keeping trying to hide forever?
➢ Speak up and stand out as an articulate competent businessperson or remain fundamentally unremarkable and invisible?
➢ Step up in your career or watch others get promoted much further and faster than you?
➢ Become more persuasive and effective or be overtaken and mown down by the competition?
➢ Be an inspirer of the team or a non-entity?

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This programme is designed for people with little or no public speaking experience, who wish to end their fears and want to emerge from the programme as highly confident, competent and professional representatives of their organisation.
Over two intensive days, nine key Modules are covered. Beginning with the basics, the programme quickly moves into actually delivering talks. Importantly, Dale Carnegie Training has learnt a lot over these last 100 years plus, about adult learning methodologies, so the instructional environment is one of positive feedback and no criticism. Instead, we only look at two things:
1. What is good (keep doing that)
2. How to make it even better
We provide a highly supportive atmosphere, where every person feels encouraged, safe, willing to stretch themselves and able to really experiment.
Presentations are filmed and played back to the participants. This allows them to gain that extra dimension of insight when reviewing their own performance. Seeing yourself on screen is a big eye opener and makes for much more rapid progress.
Dale Carnegie launched his public speaking classes in New York in 1912, so the kaizen factor over the last century is enormous. The results are impressive. Coaching is pin point accurate and highly personalised. The coaching methodology ensures positive change happens fast and encourages the participants to strive for even bigger improvements. The coaches are the ultimate professionals. It takes 250 hours of training to become a Dale Carnegie Certified trainer, so we are talking about the "best of the best" as your instructors.
The programme is comprehensive, sophisticated and highly practical. Immediately following this training you will find yourself:
on any topic
in any location
at any time of the day
speaking to any audience
fully prepared and ready to go!

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Course Outline

Time Required: Two Days
Class Size: 20
Who Should Attend: Managers and Executives with limited public speaking experience who get it, who realize that presentation skills are a key ingredient for their personal success.

Course Objectives

 Gain a positive attitude toward presenting
 Plan and structure compelling presentations
 Use a proven process to increase confidence
 Speak with greater clarity and animation
 Align purpose with audience expectations
 Engage the audience with evidence
 Open and close in a memorable way
 Use storytelling to capture and retain attention
 Create visuals that enhance the message
 Increase effectiveness through voice and gestures
 Inform and persuade our audience with greater credibility
 Conduct and control effective Q&A sessions

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Course Contents

Module 1: Attitude
Module Objectives
  • Apply a positive attitude towards making presentations
  • Accelerate skill development through practice and coaching
  • Focus on the opportunities and advantages for mastering public speaking
Personal Preference Ranking
Characteristics of Effective Presenters
Module 2: Initial Planning
Module Objectives
  • Apply the public speaking matrix process to increase confidence
  • Leverage audience research to create targeted presentations
  • Align the presentation purpose and structure with audience expectations
Public Speaking Mastery Matrix
Know Your Audience/Purpose
Elements to Consider
Four Basic Purposes
Basic Structure
Module 3: Set a Benchmark
Module Objectives
  • Introduce ourselves with greater confidence and credibility
  • Set a benchmark in which to measure training results
  • Target opportunities for self-improvement
Preparation Public Speaking Skills—Observations
Module 4: Planning Basic Structure
Module Objectives
  • Apply time tested principles to planning presentations
  • Open and close presentations in a memorable way
  • Engage the audience through various forms of evidence
Basic Planning Guidelines.
Use of Evidence
Forms of Evidence
Module 5: Basic Purpose—Convince
Module Objectives
  • Convince our audience to act using a magic formula
  • Capture and retain audience attention through the use of storytelling
  • Capitalize on our strengths and increased confidence
The Magic Formula
Life Lessons Learned
Module 6: Surprise!
Module Objectives
  • Increase interest and effectiveness through vocal inflections and techniques
  • Leverage gestures and expressions to emphasize our messages
  • Bring material to life by being more animated
Module 7: Planning Visuals
Module Objectives Visuals
  • Enhance the message with appropriate use of visuals
  • Apply best practices for designing visuals
  • Integrate equipment and technology into our presentations
Visual Choice Factors
Tips on Visual Design
Equipment Considerations
What to Avoid
Module 8: Handling Q & A
Module Objectives
  • Enhance credibility with our audience through Q&A
  • Establish and maintain control of Q&A sessions
  • Apply a process for confidently facilitating Q&A sessions
Questions and Answers
Handling Questions
Q & A Basic Format
Module 9: Basic Purpose: Inform
Module Objectives
  • Deliver all of the components of an informative presentation
  • Effectively use visuals and exhibits to deliver our message
  • Handle Q & A with greater ease and confidence
Purposes of Presentation to Inform
Structure of Presentation to Inform
Presentation Worksheet
Rules for Using Exhibits
Time: The training starts at 9.00am and completes at 6.00pm each day

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