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One on one coaching sessions for individuals is a speciality for Dale Carnegie Training Japan.  To become a certified trainer with Dale Carnegie Training Japan requires 250 hours of training.  As part of that selection process, you must have a strong business background, superlative communication abilities and great people skills.  During those 250 hours of certification preparation, core coaching skills are taught, and we focus a lot of attention on how to use the Dale Carnegie Human Relations principles.

Individual coaching solutions must be based on clarity around understanding the key issues.  These can often be found through assessments and we have a broad and complete range of assessment tools for this purpose.  Gaining self-awareness is a critical breakthrough pivot for those being coached.  We have a strong background in educating adult learners and understand how to draw out higher levels of self-awareness.

Normally after completing the assessments phase, a coaching programme is created for the individual based on their specific circumstances.  Depending on the case and circumstances, we sometimes suggest participation in the Dale Carnegie Course to assist the speeding up of enhanced self-awareness.  The Dale Carnegie Course has been around for over 100 years, boasts 9 million graduates and has an unmatched proven track record.  By way of example, the current five year average satisfaction rating by participants in Japan for this course is 98.3%. 

This particular Course is also very convenient, as it can be attended as a public course, which allows the coaching candidate to reflect on themselves in an objective, supportive, non-judgmental environment.  Joining a group of other participants, from many different industries and businesses, provides alternative views on solving business problems and also allows the candidate to realize they are not the only one with issues and problems!

The level of staff member receiving coaching usually ranges from front line supervisors to very senior people  in the company.  We use a hybrid of the Socratic method of questioning and solution suggestions, to doubly stimulate the candidates thinking.  We are aiming to teach candidates “how to fish” rather than training them to passively receive a fish from the Coach.  We look for ownership, permanent learning and application of knowledge on the part of the coaching candidate.

The process flow is as follows:

  1. We receive an enquiry about Executive Coaching

  2. We assess the situation and make a judgment as to whether we believe we can make a difference or not.

  3. If we believe we can add value, we schedule an initial coaching session to check the “chemistry” between coach and candidate.

  4. If the chemistry is there then we schedule a series of sessions, each lasting an hour.  The number of sessions will vary depending on the circumstances, but at least 5 sessions would be a minimum to expect any realistic progress. 

  5. At this point we would also investigate if any assessments are required or if the participation in the Dale Carnegie Course adds value.


Following the initial sessions, we would carry out a review of the progress made and see if further sessions were required or not.

Bringing the full power of Dale Carnegie Training’s rigorous Coach certification process, 100 years plus experience in adult learning, advanced communications abilities and unique Human Relations skills ensures results. 

We are so sure of our methods, that we offer a 100% money back guarantee if the client is not satisfied.


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