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Diversity & Inclusion (In-House Training)

As Japan’s population declines and the supply of workers diminishes, more attention must be paid to how to maximise the best efforts of everyone in the team. We all support a world we create, so how can we individually feel we are creating that world in our organisation? Everyone has different expectations about work and how can we accommodate those different expectations? 


Course Details

Module 1 - Work Life Balance
Most professionals aspire to live a balanced life. Yet, often you feel that your life is out of balance. It is important to look at these issues and analyse the current level of energy and time that you are devoting to each area. You will examine the degree of balance that you feel in your life related to areas such as work, family, health, community, spirituality, social life, and finances.
Module 2 - Valuing Diversity
Tapping into the inherent benefits of diversity is easy
to say but not all organisations have been successful in creating and sustaining a culture of inclusion and respect. Explore how values may differ and how uncovering shared values can help you bridge differences. You will work
with fundamental approaches to stimulate open, honest discussions. You will apply a set of proven principles to foster mutual trust and build a solid basis for pursuing shared goals. 
Module 3 - Solving Problems and Making Decisions
The challenge is finding the most productive way to bring together team members with diverse views and backgrounds, maximise their collective expertise, and arrive at decisions that the entire team supports. Many ways exist to make the team process of problem solving and decision making easier and more interactive. This module is designed to provide teams with tools and methods for gathering and analysing information where there is an opportunity to improve a situation or meet an organisational challenge.
Module 4 - Innovation
Leaders tap into the power of human potential. They accept that they alone don’t have all the answers, customer knowledge, and new ideas needed to move an organisation forward. The Innovation Process moves a leader through the steps necessary to turn vision into reality.
Key concepts to do this include creating idea fluency, applications of red and green light thinking, and using group participation to apply a nine step innovation process.
After completing this module, you will be able to identify and encourage idea fluency and facilitate an Innovation Process that moves from possibilities to solutions. 

Course Objectives

  • Better understanding the satisfaction drivers around work and non-work issues
  • Overcoming group think to benefit from fresh perspectives, build trust and shared objectives
  • Embracing diverse views and backgrounds, maximising collective expertise, and arriving at decisions that the entire team supports.
  • Tap into the power of human potential. Accept that leaders alone don’t have all the answers, customer knowledge, and new ideas needed to move an organisation forward. 


Who Should Attend:

Leaders, managers and staff who can drive the benefits of accessing the power of diversity in the organisation 

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