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"Ideas for Networking”

Smart business people understand the value of networking. Put simply, expanding your contacts improves your chances to build good relationships, discover leads, and generate increased sales. Plus, the more people you get to know in your own industry - or in different businesses and functions - the easier it will be for you to find the best sources when you need specialized information or the insights of an experienced professional. Here are some known ways to widen your circle of contacts by improving your networking strategy:
Networking Ideas That Make a Difference
1. Offer to help others. End meetings and calls by asking, Is there anything I can do to help you?
2. Communicate your unique knowledge and expertise to others.
3. Share your own personal contacts judiciously.
4. Be approachable.
5. Write personal thank-you notes to people who help you.
6. Follow through on your commitments - always.
And when you're planning to participate in a networking event, increase your chances for success by applying these easy ideas:
1. Know who will be attending the event. Arrive early.
2. Dress appropriately.
3. Bring lots of business cards.
4. Have a personal 30-second "commercial" ready.
5. Remember people's names and use them in conversation.
6. Spend most of your time with people you don't know.
7. Learn about other people before you start talking about yourself.
8. Have fun.
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