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Newsletter April 25, 2013
It takes time to adjust when you are hired into a new position. New jobs can be a cause of great anxiety for many of us. There is a lot of information being thrown at us, and we are expected to make sense of it, while trying to meet people in the office and figure out a balance between work and our personal life. This can be a lot to handle at first. Here are some tips that can help you as you're starting out in a new organization.
1. Be Confident
You were hired for this position for a reason. Your boss saw you as a great fit to the organization. Be confident in your skills, and remain eager to learn all of the new information. It may take time before all of the new skills become second nature, but remain positive and confident and in no time you will feel like you have a grasp on things.
2. Get to know your coworkers
It is important to get to know the people who you will be working with. Even if things are busy right now, make a point to introduce yourself to everyone in your department and learn their names. We often spend more time with our coworkers in the office then we do at home. It is nice to be able to form relationships with those people we work closely with day after day. This will help set a friendlier tone within the office, and you will know who to go to in case you need help.
3. Find a balance
Now that you have entered the working world, it is important to find a healthy balance between your professional and personal life. When you are at home, try to forget about all of the things you have left to accomplish at work. Likewise, when you are at work focus on your tasks to the best of your ability.
4. Eliminate worry and stress
A new job can cause a great amount of anxiety. Like all new things in life, a new job takes time to get used to. Realize that you may make mistakes, and don't let them set you back. If you are beginning to feel stressed by something, take a step back and gain perspective on the issue. Ask yourself what the worst possible thing that can happen is. You may feel stressed and overwhelmed now, but give it some time and stay positive! You will find your place in no time.
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