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How to Get The Best Results From Your Training Budget

John Wanamaker is famously quoted as saying, “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted: the trouble is I don’t know which half”.   Spending on training may seem like a similar dilemma, but there are ways to provide more clarity. 

How should we select the training provider – what are some of the things we should be looking for?  What are the things we should be careful about. How should we instruct the training provider to make sure they are totally clear around what we want to achieve?  How do we measure the results of the training?

When do we need training?  What is the spark within an organisation to identify gaps and get the training ordered?  What is it we don’t know about what we don’t know about those gaps?  How do we make sure we haven’t missed something important in our considerations of how to achieve our results?

Who should we train?  When should we give them training?  How best to communicate the fact of training, so that the maximum positive attitude is present in the classroom?  What preparation is needed before the training?

What about post-delivery follow-up training?  When should we do that?  When do we need to repeat the same training?  What other training should we consider?

How do we keep building a learning culture in the organisation?

All of these questions are covered in this Free Report.  Reading this report will enable you to make the best decisions about how to make training the “powerforce” generating the outcomes you require.


Typical Training Company Failings:  10 Things To Avoid

  1. Selected because they are the friend of the training sponsor
  2. The training delivered is different from what was agreed
  3. The trainers are uninspiring
  4. The training is overly theoretical
  5. The training is delivered solely as lecture
  6. The content is not original, just stuff  cobbled together from the internet or wherever
  7. The training content, structure and delivery methods have not been tested in learning labs before being released. 
  8. Be careful about the latest “fashion” in training
  9. Watch out for the “Bait and Switch”
  10. Training Japanese Staff in English

Our Free Report also includes:

  1. Choosing Training Providers:  20 Key Things To Consider
  2. 8 More Things To Consider
  3. Get What You Want:   4 Ways To Evaluate The Training Company
  4. Key Issue – Getting Value:  Price Versus Cost
  5. Best Practice For Instructing The Training Company
  6. When To Consider Training:  23 Obvious Things To Focus On
  7. 11 Not So Obvious Things To Focus On
  8. Best Practice Internal Communication About The Training
  9. Selecting Key Participants For Training
  10. Participant Preparation
  11.  Follow Up Training Guide
  12.  When To Repeat The Same Training
  13.  What Other Training To Consider
  14.  Building A Learning Culture In The Organisation

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