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"Finding a Balance"

Newsletter August 29, 2013
We all struggle to find a balance between our professional and personal lives. We know that being a big hero slaving away at the office doesn’t necessarily make you a big hero at home. Life is short! Here are some ideas to remember that may help alleviate the stress of trying to juggle too much at one time.
1. Prioritize
Figure out what is most important in your life and focus your time and effort on what makes you happy. Prioritise your family! Plan those family activities not just the company’s requirements. Both are important.
2. Maintain balance
Remember that it is important to fulfill all the needs in your life to make sure that you remain a happy, healthy, and well-rounded individual.
3. Focus
When you are at work do your job to the best of your ability, and when you are away from the office do not let work situations consume your mind. Modern technology like iPhones, iPads etc., make us 24/7 connected to our work. Trying to keep the boundary between work and home becomes more challenging, so we have to set some rules for ourselves (and follow them!).
4. Get involved
If you are unhappy with an aspect of your life, try and figure out a way that you can turn it from negative to positive. For instance, if you would like to spend more time with your family, meet with your boss and discuss your options. No boss wants grumpy, unhappy people dealing with customers be they external or internal.
5. Create a vision
Think about where you would like to be in both your professional and personal life in the coming months and year. Focus on achieving the goals you have set for yourself. The key is to write the goals down and review them every day.
6. Enjoy life!
We have so many stresses that we deal with on a day-to-day basis it is often hard for us to relax. Do not let stress consume your day. Keep a positive outlook on both your personal and professional life! Expect ingratitude from others so you won’t be disappointed and be grateful for what you already have.
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