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The future of modern business is clear and for Japan it means becoming proficient in Business English.  Why not study excellent real world business content and business English at the same time?  Most eikaiwa classes attempt to teach Business English content, but they are not really operating in the English speaking corporate world.  Wouldn’t it be a big advantage to be able to study real business content – in English?

Dale Carnegie Training Japan has a program that does just that.


Level One free

Every week Dale Carnegie Japan’s President Dr. Greg Story releases three podcasts in English on contemporary issues around Leadership, Communication, Sales and Presentations.  These are all critical topics in business and each podcast is around 10 minutes long and has the transcript of the podcast.  This is great because it means students of business English can listen to the podcast and read the content at the same time.  The links are here for these podcasts: “THE Leadership Japan Series”, “THE Sales Japan Series” and “THE Presentations Japan Series”.  These are all free and available on the Dale Carnegie Japan website and on iTunes, etc.

Level Two  free

Another area for practice is watching videos on business topics in English.  Dr. Story has a large number of videos available on the Dale Carnegie Website and on YouTube.  For example, there are 60 videos available at around 3 minutes in length, so they are very easy to consume.  In addition, there are many other slightly longer videos at around 8-10 minutes in length, which are also available for free.  Please go to this link.



Level Three

Being able to speak English does not require that Japanese students of business English have to speak perfect English.  However, for many Japanese students of business English, this is not how they see it.  They are rather shy to speak, because their English is not perfect.  In fact, they stay quiet in meetings in English, be they on the phone, by video or in team meeting with visiting VIPs.  This is not good.  Confident English was specifically designed here in Japan to help Japanese business people overcome their self-imposed barriers they have created for themselves.  For full information on the details of the course please follow this link.


Level Four

Having to give presentations in English can be a big challenge, especially if you don’t have the training.  This One Day short course, Successful Public Speaking teaches how to analyse the audience, design and deliver speeches in English with confidence.  The details are at this link.


Level Five

The ability to use English with native speakers in a business context is a critical opportunity in order to improve business English skills.  We offer the Dale Carnegie Course in English.  This means that for twelve weeks, students of business English can deal with real business issues, give short presentations, participate in small group meetings in English and experience a real world of business English.  Details on the course are found at this link.


Level Six

This two day High Impact Presentations Course is a great opportunity to take your skills to a very high professional level.  Two instructors teaching, everything videoed, detailed coaching – this is perfect for Japanese staff who have to present in English.  Over the two days, you will learn all the major presentation structures you will ever need, how to become confident in your delivery and how to connect and become highly persuasive with your audience.  The details are in this link.


It is time to get serious about working on Japan’s business English skills and Dale Carnegie Training Japan can help you.  The company was started in New York 105 years ago and 54 years was introduced to Japan.  That means we understand Japan very well and we are a global organization in 100 countries, so we really understand modern business.  Make the best use of our free programs and invest in your own development through our courses.  Take a look at the content and then take action!



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