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How To Replace Workplace Negativity With Enthusiasm

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One Day Seminar
Passive Resistance
Nothing can sap an organization’s will to succeed as fast as these symptoms of workplace negativity. They drain the life out of every new idea, the spirit behind every new initiative. Negative attitudes spread to the point where they eventually affect performance and decision-making. That’s the bad news.
The good news is that enthusiasm and positive attitudes spread just as quickly and affect performance just as much – in the right direction. Now you can learn to create an atmosphere of success and positive thinking throughout your organization from the master of enthusiasm – Dale Carnegie.
How to Replace Workplace Negativity with Enthusiasm
This new one-day seminar will show you how to use Dale Carnegie’s proven ways to prevent the naysayers, whiners and downers from robbing you and your group of the energy to succeed.
In just one day, this power packed seminar will show you how to:
-          Recognize organizational negativity
-          Prevent "negativity creep" from becoming an epidemic.
-          Replace pessimism with optimism
-          Create success by creating an atmosphere of success.
Take a positive step toward success right now. Register for How to Replace Workplace Negativity with Enthusiasm today.
Whatever success I had was due almost entirely to my enthusiasm.
-    Dale Carnegie

 You will learn how to; 

  • Understand the underlying causes of negativity 
  • Look for warning signs like dissension, drop in productivity and quality issues and replace them with collaboration
  • Replace apathy with team spirit
  • Turn nay sayers into supporters with "can do" attitudes
  • Work with a negative boss
  • Use positive reinforcement to build a winning attitude
  • Use Dale Carnegie’s five drivers to create an atmosphere of success
  • Lead with confidence and enthusiasm
  • Use three proven ways to banish personal negativity before you lose your drive.


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