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How to Say What You Mean to Get the Results That You Want

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One Day Seminar
Miscommunication is probably the biggest single cause of business foul-ups. You think you were clear; you think you provided the complete picture; you think the other person understood. And yet the work product does not meet your expectations.
What went wrong and how can you prevent it from happening again? Attend Dale Carnegie Trainingâ’s new one-day seminar:
How to Say What You Mean to Get the Results That You Want
This information-packed program will show you how to get your message across clearly, precisely and at the right level. You’ll start out first by leaning to assess your audience’s learning style and then matching the right media to it. Does your audience understand best by listening – then don’t send an email. Do they need to see it to get it – try a paper document. Do you need a media mix – here’s the right sequence. Do they like logical arguments or do they respond better to emotion?
Next you’ll look at the language you use – whether you’re speaking or writing. You’ll learn to keep your language simple, straightforward and easily understood. 
You’ll also learn to read body language. Does yours convey a different message from your words? And what does your listener’s body language say? Have you lost him? Is she zoning out? 
Finally, you’ll learn a questioning formula that helps you determine quickly if what you said is what was heard.   By the end of the program you will have the skills you need to eliminate the frustration of miscommunication forever. 
Participants learn how to:
  • Identify your personal barriers to effective communication
  •  Match your communication style to different types of people 
  • Pick the right medium for your message – and your audience 
  • Choose words that mean exactly what you want
  • Listen actively to hear the real message 
  • Understand body language and other nonverbal clues 
  • Spot that moment when your listener is beginning to zone out 
  • Express your ideas clearly in writing 
  • Send e-mails that command attention 
  • Give clear direction – without sounding like a dictator 
  • Avoid words that can trigger negative emotions in others
Who Should Attend
Business people who want to eliminate the misunderstandings that slow things down, foul things up and kill productivity.


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