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Friday, 2017 October 13

Sales Power Course

Friday, 2017 October 13
09:00 - 17:00

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Two Day Intensive Programme

The vast majority of salespeople out there are doing it tough, because they have had no training.  They don’t know, what they don’t know!  Sales training is needed for the experienced salesperson, looking to further grow in their profession and for those new to sales, wondering how to make a success of this career path.

This is what we often hear from senior company executives about that their salespeople:

              "can’t close" 

              "don’t understand what the clients’ want" 

              "are not asking for the order"

              "are afraid of the client and don’t push hard enough to make the sale"

              "can’t get referrals"

              "don’t cross sell"

              "are just passive order takers"

Why aren’t sales people succeeding? 

The answer is usually that sales people simply don’t know what they are doing! 



The Dale Carnegie sales methodology was developed over 70 years ago, to take the guess work out of sales and create a level of  professionalism that commands respect. 

The kaizen factor on the Dale Carnegie sales training methodology is enormous.  This is especially the case when we are taking this programme to 100 plus countries around the world.  Every second of the day, somewhere, someone is taking Dale Carnegie training.

When clients meet salespeople, they are always thinking: "I don’t care how much you know.  I want to know how much you care about ME! 

Salespeople should never imagine that technical knowledge or product knowledge is a substitute for professionalism in sales.  Salespeople concentrating solely on "hard skills" will fail.  Of course technical knowledge is required but importantly, soft skills are the key to getting the client’s agreement to do business. 

This is where we come in.

Buyers want to buy from people they like and trust.  OK – that’s great, but what makes you likeable or trustworthy?

This is the extra component that Dale Carnegie delivers through the Sales Power Course, that other sales courses don’t understand and can’t copy.  Our experience with the mastery of human relations skills really provides power to the human equation in sales.  Dale Carnegie is the originator of the science of improving human relations and brings this critical skill to bear for sales people. 

To be successful, salespeople need depth.  The Sales Power Course is a comprehensive two day programme totally based on global best practice.  It is available in both English and Japanese, both as a Public Course and as an In-House offering.

  • It was developed originally in New York by Dale Carnegie in the 1940s and has been undergoing constant kaizen and refinement ever since  
  • It is permanently being tested in more than 100 countries and 30 languages around the world  
  • Salespeople are notoriously hard to impress about sales training.  In the training world, this group is well known as the toughest audience by far.  We have been teaching sales here in Japan for over 50 years, so this totally road tested material we are using and loved by our course participants.
  • This is the Gold Standard of Sales Training, based on proven methods that work, taught by professionals


The course curriculum is comprehensive.  At the end of the training the participants will :

v  Demonstrate self-confidence needed to overcome the challenges of selling

v  Communicate value and sell from a buyer’s point of view

v  Master a consultative selling process to accelerate the sales cycle

v  Strengthen relationships by building credibility and client loyalty

v  Develop a positive attitude to generate predictable sales results


The Sales Power Course covers the full Sales Cycle:

1. Build Rapport

  • Apply a proven seven step selling process to create partnerships with buyers
  • Employ there strategies to make buyers eager to talk
  • Establish immediate credibility to build alignment with buyers

2. Generate Interest

  • Practice methods to uncover and appeal to different buyer interests
  • Create power questions to get the information needed from buyers
  • Widen the buyer expectation gap to create interest

3. Provide Solutions

  • Develop solutions that are unique to the buyer
  • Formulate solutions that appeal to buyer’s logic and emotions
  • Present solutions that are persuasive and convincing

4. Resolve Objections

  • Identify points of agreement to lower buyer resistance
  • Apply a win-win process to identify hidden objections
  • Respond to the six most common objections with confidence

5. Appeal To Motives And Gain Commitment

  • Evaluate buyer perspectives to move the sale forward
  • Engage the prospect’s emotions in the buying process
  • Practice six methods to ask for the sale with confidence


The Sales Power Course is a must for salespeople who want to be successful.  If there was NO RISK to taking this training, because of a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee, wouldn’t this make the decision to start now a lot easier?


The Sales Power Course is delivered in three parts:

Part One: there is a 30 minute TeleCoaching session before the course, to explore the areas where you see the greatest benefit in developing further. 

Part Two: Two days of the Sales Power intensive training programme

Part Three: following the two days, there are two 2 hour follow-up sessions for those completing the Public Programme.  Separately, there is a half-day session 6 months later, for those completing the programme, when delivered as In-House sessions.


Who Should Attend

The irony is that the top salespeople all take training (and keep taking it!) and those at the bottom wander around in a fog, wondering why what they are doing is not working.  For the new salesperson, the failing/frustrated salesperson, the veteran and the top producer, this is the course you need.


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Language: Japanese


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