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The Free Session is a 90 minute "tasting" opportunity, to decide about doing the full programme.

Running your own business or working on your career, means doing more, faster, better and with less.  Success in any field at some point requires interaction with others.  The ability to persuade a client or customer to buy is a critical persuasion skill.  So is getting your boss to recognise you, your colleagues to assist you and your subordinates to follow you. 

We are all trapped in our existing patterns of interaction.  We approach everyone from the base of our preferred personality style.  We engage with others as we prefer, not how they prefer.  We don’t change either.  Even if we are not getting the amount of success we feel we deserve or we desire, we keep doing the same things, in the same manner. Einstein made the wry observation that we can define insanity as "doing the same thing every time but expecting a different result!"

The reason we don’t change is because we don’t want to change and usually because we have no idea how to change.   Change is possible though but it requires we do new things or do old things in a new way.  Regardless, we don’t go for either option, because we have to step out of our Comfort Zone to do so.  We take the same route to work, eat in the same restaurants we like, and hang out with the same group of friends we feel comfortable with.

There are 5 Drivers that, coached the right way, take us out of our Comfort Zone and forward in our business and careers.  These Drivers are the focus of The Dale Carnegie Course: Skills for Success and the Free Session will give you an opportunity to experience what the training is like, before making any commitment.

Confidence is the first driver.  We need to explore and challenge the new in order to improve.  Pulling us backward however, we feel the drag of our old "comfortable ways".  We need to experience change in order to realise we can in fact change. This developmental process works best in a safe, controlled environment, where small steps lead to major breakthroughs.  It is extremely difficult to break the grip of Comfort Zone "gravity" by ourselves.  We need strong coaching and encouragement to step up and out.

Communication is a key driver, because it is the lynchpin on which so much of our capacity with people rests.  Speaking to one person or to a crowd, requires clarity, order, credibility, interest, plausibility and understanding the audience.  Very few people feel at ease speaking in front of groups.  Being persuasive is a bankable talent.  The most successful people know being able to align others with your direction, means the difference between doing everything yourself and having leverage to employ and amplify the power of many.  This is a learnt, coachable skill, which needs to be fed a sustained diet of practice and encouragement.

Leadership is a driver that can be aimed at self-direction or at being responsible for others.  Why would we follow you?  Why would we accept what you think, what you recommend or what you say?  The human dimension revolves around trust and a leader needs to have the ability to engender trust.  This trust factor is built through communication skills and people skills.

People Skills as a driver of success centers on a simple premise.  People don’t care about how much "stuff" you know, they care about how much you care about them.  Saying the right thing and saying the wrong thing absolutely determines the strength of one’s relationships.  Each person has a preference about how they wish to be treated by others and with coaching the science of people skills can be taught.

Managing Our Stress or not managing our stress, makes this driver the trump card in the pack .  It is so powerful, it can overrule all that has gone before it.  When we are under stress our confidence sags, our communication suffers, our people skills deteriorate and trust in our leadership diminishes.  There are simple techniques which can reduce or deny the symptoms and psychosomatic causes of stress. 

The Dale Carnegie Course: Skills for Success teaching these 5 Drivers is available in both English and Japanese, both as a Public Course and as an In-House Course.  We offer Free Sessions in both languages.

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These 5 Drivers have been in a real world social science laboratory, under constant testing and refinement for the last 102 years.  They have been tested all around the world, in all conditions, across all industries and sectors and with all cultures.  They have been proven to work.  They have a track record that has never been matched. 


If 9 million people found success with a method, that after 102 years in application is today the epitome of refinement, subtlety, and wisdom, wouldn’t you want to have access to that method to give yourself and your career a substantial boost – an unfair advantage over rivals and competitors?


If this method had been tested in more than 90 countries and  30 languages around the world wouldn’t you feel certain that there was something universally valuable about its applications?

If this Course attracted a satisfaction rate of 98.3% over the last five years in Japan, wouldn’t you be confident it will work in your case?

If the method was highly practical and designed for immediate application, wouldn’t  you want to stop losing valuable time and see the results right now?

If there were some pre-sessions of personal coaching and later additional follow-up sessions built into the method, wouldn’t this help you to properly prepare and later cement what you have learnt?

If there was NO RISK to taking this training, because of a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee, wouldn’t this make the decision to start now a lot easier?


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The Dale Carnegie Course: Skills for Success programme is delivered in three parts:

Part One: there is a 30 minute TeleCoaching session before the course, to explore the areas where you see the greatest benefit in developing further. 

Part Two: a Time-Spaced eight week programme of 3.5 hour sessions.  Time spaced has been shown to be a highly effective learning technology, because it allows the participants to immediately try what they have learnt between sessions and then return the next week and share their experiences with their peers and their instructors.  Between sessions, the trainer offers additional coaching points through follow-up emails, reinforces the homework and recognises the award winners again.

Part Three: following the eight  3.5 hour sessions, there are two 2 hour sessions to choose from (offered in January, April, July and October) for those completing the Public Programme.  Separately, there is a half-day session 6 months later, for those completing the Programme, when delivered as In-House sessions.

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