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Half Day Seminar
While listening is only one side of a conversation, it is usually the neglected side. The first step to overcome this is to recognize that effective listening is an active process.
An accurate assessment will usually reveal that people often pretend to listen, or listen just long enough to identify how we are going to respond. People also fail to recognize the filters that impact ability to fully comprehend other perspectives and points of view.  Overcoming these filters will help you create open and constructive communication.

A typical adult speaks at 100-150 words per minute, depending on the language and the style of the speaker. You can actually hear and understand at a rate of 200 words per minute or more. So when you are listening, you have a fair amount of excess capacity.
Attentive listening is far more challenging, more demanding, and more difficult than speaking. The art of being a good listener takes focus, patience, and a sincere desire to really communicate with others.
At the completion of this seminar, participants will be able to:
  • Assess their listening skills and work to overcome listening filters
  • Apply effective approaches to deal with different types of listeners
  • Engage others by asking factual, causative, and value-based questions


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