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How To Work With Really Difficult People

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Half Day Course
This course will help you confront and deal effectively with the behaviors and attitudes of difficult people, rather than react negatively. You will examine difficult qualities and look at yourselves to see if you might be a contributing factor. You’ll review the concept of the benefit of the doubt, apply principles to counter difficult behaviors and attitudes, and learn a 12-step process for negotiating and compromising with difficult people.

Many people seek to avoid difficult people because confronting the person or situation can be exhausting and emotionally draining.  Yet, avoiding these people or situations can be worse. Unresolved conflicts and miscommunications waste enormous amounts of time and energy, can destroy morale, and impact the bottom-line cost in lost productivity.
People display difficult behaviors for a variety of reasons, often based on historical context from past experiences and situational context of what is happening in the moment.  This course examines six primary disruptive behaviors, identifies what people say and do that indicate a specific attitude, and will help you apply a human relations approach to resolve issues.   
At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:
  • Work more effectively with difficult people
  • Gain cooperation and change behavior without creating resentment
  • Apply tips for negotiating and compromising with difficult people
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