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Have Them Master the 5 Drivers of Success

Fresh Power Induction Training 

New graduates are precious.  They are the future of your organisation.  You hire them now for potential challenges which don’t yet exist in business today.  We need them to be adaptable, confident, and capable of handling whatever the business world will throw at them over the next 45-50 years of their working lives.  Best to launch them on the right track from the start.  The Fresh Power Induction Training Course is the best preparation for your future company leaders.

Success in their careers will be determined by how well they get on with other people.   Hard skills are a given, they must havethat necessary expertise required in their field.  To succeed though, they need mastery of the soft skills.  The ability to persuade a client or customer to buy is a critical persuasion skill.  So is getting the boss to recognise their ideas, their colleagues to assist them and their future subordinates to follow them. 

Look around you in your workplace and you will find your colleagues are all trapped in their existing patterns of interaction.  They approach everyone from the base of their preferred personality style.  They engage with others as they prefer, not how the other person prefers.  Your colleagues don’t change either.  Even if they are not getting the amount of success they feel they deserve or they desire, they keep doing the same things, in the same manner. Einstein made the wry observation that we can define insanity as doing the same thing every time but expecting a different result!

The reason they don’t change is because they don’t want to change and usually because they have no idea how to change.  Change is possible though but it requires they do new things or do old things in a new way.  Regardless, they don’t go for either option, because they have to step out of their Comfort Zone to do so.  They take the same route to work, eat in the same restaurants they like, and hang out with the same group of friends they feel comfortable with.

Don’t let this new generation of future leaders become trapped like this – we need more from them.  Start their career the right way, teach them to be open to change – they will see a lot of it over the next 50 years of  their working lives!  There is a success formula in business – have them follow it and they will be the engine of growth for the organisation going forward.

There are 5 Drivers that, learnt the right way, allow them to keep pushing out of their Comfort Zone and forward in the business.

Confidence is the first driver.  They need to explore and challenge the new.  It can be overwhelming as they try to learn so many new things at once. They need to realise they can in fact adapt to the new. This developmental process works best in a safe, controlled environment, where small steps lead to major breakthroughs.  It is extremely difficult to do this by ourselves.  We need strong coaching and encouragement to step up and stand out as someone capable, competent and confident.

Communication is a key driver, because it is the lynchpin on which so much of our capacity with people rests.  Speaking to one person or to a crowd, requires clarity, order, credibility, interest, plausibility and understanding the audience.  Very few people feel at ease speaking in front of groups.  Being persuasive is a bankable talent.  The most successful people know being able to align others with your direction, means the difference between doing everything yourself and having leverage to employ and amplify the power of many.  This is a learnt skill, which needs to be fed a sustained diet of practice and encouragement.  Don’t wait for this to develop by itself, have the new graduates learn this skill immediately.

Leadership is a driver that can be aimed at self-direction or at being responsible for others.  They don’t need a job title or badge which says "leader" on it to lead.  They can lead without authority. Fine, but why would the rest of the team accept what they think, what they recommend or what they say?  Why would we follow their suggestions? The human dimension revolves around trust and a leader needs to have the ability to engender trust.  This trust factor is built through communication skills and people skills. 

People Skills as a driver of success centers on a simple premise.  People don’t care about how much stuff you know, they care about how much you care about them.  Saying the right thing and saying the wrong thing absolutely determines the strength of one’s relationships.  Each person has a preference about how they wish to be treated by others and with coaching the science of people skills can be taught.  You need these young people to master people skills.  If you do that then the future of your organisation is assured.

Managing Our Stress or not managing our stress, makes this driver the trump card in the pack .  It is so powerful, it can overrule all that has gone before it.  When we are under stress our confidence sags, our communication suffers, our people skills deteriorate and trust in our leadership diminishes.  There are simple techniques which can reduce or deny the symptoms and psychosomatic causes of stress.  Long hours and lots of pressure makes many people tired, destroys their confidence and pushes them down.  Don’t be like your competitors and lose your top new graduates, because of stress.  Use this programme to teach them how do deal with stress for the rest of their career.


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The actual training consists of 4 days.  It's performed by the following contents:
Build a foundation of success
Recall and use names
Build on memory skills and enhance relationships
Increase self confidence
Put stress in perspective
Enhance relationships and motivate others
Energise our communication
Make our ideas clear
Disagree agreeably
Gain willing cooperation and commit to influence others
Manage our stress
Develop more flexibility
Build others through recognition
Inspire others
Demonstrate leadership
Celebrate achievements and renew our vision


Expected results

Course Objective Course Outcome
Build Confidence Expand the Comfort Zone to challenge the risks associated with change
Leadership Skills Understand how to gain followers and cooperation, In order to meet the organisation’s objectives
Communication Skills Learn how to listen, make yourself clear and be effective in communication with others
People Skills Build strong relationships with clients and colleagues based on trust and credibility
Stress Management Face difficulties head-on by becoming resilient in solving issues
Price: ¥ 197,000 (plus tax)

If you cannot find a public course that fits your company's schedule or if you would like something more customized, please dial our toll free number 0120-987-0990120-987-099. In cases where the free dial number doesn't apply, an alternate number is +(81) (0) 3-4520-5470(0) 3-4520-5470 or email to contact@dale-carnegie.co.jp to discuss delivering the training In-House for you.

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