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Friday, 2017 February 24

Facilitate for Group Results

Friday, 2017 February 24
09:00 - 13:00

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Facilitation by definition means to make easy for others. Some people may be good "presenters" and may still have room for growth in helping a group experience "discovery" and "application" while moving toward improved performance.  Skilled facilitation is about leading a process rather than presenting information.


Adults bring their own knowledge and experience to the table. An effective facilitator will help participants learn from each other through guided discussion and other methods. Adults grasp much more when they are engaged than when listening to a lecture. An effective facilitator draws from the group and leads people to a higher level of understanding and performance.  This module will focus on helping you develop the skills of successful facilitation.  You will consider how to open, lead, and close sessions in a facilitative manner rather than in a presentation mode.  You will learn techniques to engage a group in working with one another rather than looking to you for the answer.  You will leave prepared to lead a group through the discovery process so they are ready to action.  

At the completion of this module, participants will be able to:

Create an environment that fosters open dialogue in groups 
Apply a variety of questioning techniques to create group engagement  
Use creativity and flexibility in facilitation methods
Competencies that are addressed:
Primary Competency Categories:
• External Awareness— Sees things from multiple points of view.  Is mindful of how actions impact others.  Keeps up to date with issues that affect areas of responsibility.     
• Communication— Advances the abilities of individuals and the organizations through active listening supported with meaningful oral and written presentation of information.
Related Competency Categories:
• Teamwork— Organizes work tasks, people, and resources to deliver most effectively on organization goals.     
• Professionalism— Projects an image of maturity and integrity that creates credibility.    
• Results Oriented— Passionate about winning.  Dedicated to achieving all-win solutions to situations.


23,000 yen (including tax


Team Price

Team Price is available when you pre-register as a group.

Team pricing is available for up to 10 people per company. 


Early Bird and Super Early Bird

Early Bird Pricing and Super Early Bird pricing are available when you pre-register before 6 or 4 weeks prior to the seminar date and deposit within 7 business days. 



1 person

3-4 people

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18,000 yen

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15,000 yen

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13,000 yen

Prices above are per person. (including tax) 


Team Pricing and Early Bird Pricing will be reflected to the invoice.

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