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Dale Carnegie Course: Skills For Success (English)

Skill Improvement Training on the "Five Drivers" to Win Success in the Business World

Dale Carnegie Training®

Dale Carnegie Training is one of the largest (business skill training) programs in the world, providing services in 30 languages in 86 countries, and over 8 million people have completed the program in nearly a century since its launch in 1912.
More than 80% of the companies listed in the Fortune 500 have participated in the training program. In Japan too, for over 48 years it has been effective in guiding individuals and organizations to success through enhancement of human relations skills.

  • Building confidence
  • Communication skills
  • People skills (interpersonal relations)
  • Stress management
  • Leadership skills
  • Success in business

Building confidence
Confidence is the foundation of pride, and the key to performance. Better performance and greater achievements can be attained upon a solid foundation.
Confidence levels vary among people, but your confidence will certainly grow by extending your comfort zone.

People skills (interpersonal relations)
Everyone has people who they feel comfortable with, or who they feel are easier or more challenging to talk to. In the business world, however, it is essential to maintain good relationships in order to achieve results. Implementing the Dale Carnegie ® "Rules of People Skills" builds better relationships. As a result, you will be able to build trustworthy relationships, gain cooperation and motivate others.

Communication skills
It is not about how you communicate to others but about how others understand you that is important.
Through practical training, you will learn effective ways of communicating — either when presenting in front of large groups or in one-on-one situations.

Stress Management
Worry and stress are inseparable from business. Rather than trying to escape from worry and stress, you will learn to accept them by changing your perspective and way of thinking. You will gain the strength to face difficulties head-on by being self-reliant in resolving issues.

Leadership skills
Having a certain position, status, or broad experience does not necessarily equate to leadership.
A true leader is someone who can achieve the expected results by positively utilizing leadership skills.


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Who Should Attend

Employees at all levels in a corporation who seek to maximize their performance, become stronger leaders and add more value to the organization.


Session 1
Establish the foundation of success
  • Learn how to maintain relationships with others
  • Understand the 5 Drivers of success
  • Enhance your abilities to realize your vision by working towards a breakthrough
Remember and use names
  • Focus on people as individuals
  • Give a positive first impression
  • Develop a creative way to remember names
Session 2
Gain memory skills and strengthen relationships
  • Practice the process of enhancing your memory
  • Become familiar with the principle of improving people skills
  • Find opportunities to improve relationships in business
Boost your confidence
  • Use your experience to communicate with a higher level of confidence
  • Being aware of communicating clearly
  • Realize the impact of past experiences on your current self
Session 3
Effective stress management
  • Understand the adverse effects of high stress on achievement and efficiency
  • Work on utilizing concepts and principles to better deal with stress
  • Find a more efficient way to prepare for and handle difficult issues as a business professional
Enhance relationships and motivate others
  • Communicate in a clear, concise, and persuasive way, and motivate others to engage
    • Confirm that results dramatically improve with consistent implementation of the "Principles of
    • People Skills"
  • Realize the role of people skills in moving you toward your goal
Session 4
Energize communication
  • Understand that actions combined with communication releases tension
  • Communicate with others in a more natural way
  • Have a livelier attitude, inspire enthusiasm in others, and attract positive attention
Clarify your ideas
  • Seek clarity when giving instructions
  • Learn to present information in a logical order
  • Enhance the value of demonstration when explaining information
Session 5
Calmly address opposing opinions
  • Learn the process of organizing your ideas in unprepared situations
  • Effectively convey your ideas even when opinions differ
  • Back up your personal opinion with evidence
Gain active cooperation and further influence others
  • Influence others through credibility and respect
  • Actualize cooperation rather than merely following
  • Know the strength of searching for a compromise point
  • Know the method of coaching for performance improvement
Session 6
Stress Management
  • Enhance your ability in managing stress
  • Learn how others face anxiety
  • Know that you can overcome adversity
Enhance flexibility
  • Adopt a variety of communication skills
  • Use the power that comes from making the decision to take a risk
  • Have a more open mind toward change and opportunity
Session 7
Develop others through recognition
  • Focus on others’ strong points
  • Gain the skill of interactively giving positive feedback
  • Reaffirm the value of showing recognition with sincerity
Stimulate others
  • Put your heart into your communication
  • Try to connect with others by appealing to emotions
  • Stimulate others to think and act in new ways
Session 8
Show leadership
  • Have a positive impact on the attitudes of others
  • Be positive when instructing others
  • Address difficult situations in a more effective way
Celebrate accomplishments and renew your vision
    • Value the breakthroughs achieved as a result of this program
    • Stimulate and motivate others by conveying your vision
    • Continue working for improvement



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