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Core Courses
Effective Communications & Human Relations - The 5 Drivers of Success

Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communications & Human Relations in English and Japanese (12 Sessions)

Running your own business or working on your career, means doing more, faster, better and with less. Success in any field at some point requires interaction with others. The ability to persuade a client or customer to buy is a critical persuasion skill. So is getting your boss to recognise you, your colleagues to assist you and your subordinates to follow you.
Persuasive Confident, Impressive - Presentation Success Secrets

High Impact Presentations Course in English and Japanese (2 Days)

Every time we open our mouth to speak we are being judged and evaluated. The boss asks for your input at the departmental meeting; someone from another division publically challenges your report’s assumptions; you have to address your team about the latest staff changes; you are asked to lead the proceedings; you must make the presentation to the client – the list goes on. 
Some people are comfortable presenting, possibly thinking they don't need to keep polishing and improving. In this fast paced world of business, standing still is not an option. We must keep challenging ourselves to do even better. Our High Impact Presentations Course allows the more experienced speaker to move to the highest level of competency.
For most people though, speaking in front of others makes them feel nervous, self-conscious and uncomfortable. Their heart rate goes up, they perspire, their throat goes dry. All in all, not a positive experience. Avoidance and a low profile are often the preferred solutions for lack of ability to present like a professional. 
It doesn’t have to be like this.
How to Be Confident in English - The Secrets of International Communication Success

Confident English Course (3 Sessions) in English

"Our Japanese team do not fully show their ability. They don't participate much during the Conference Call or when visiting VIPS come to Japan for meetings. When our global headquarters looks for talent they always overlook Japan, because they can't find any impressive people. We know they are talented but they just don't show it". We hear this all of the time from clients.
Why don't Japanese team members show their ability? Culture obviously plays a part. Modesty, shyness, don't be the "nail that gets hammered down", embarrassment about making a mistake, etc. That culture set will not work in a gaishikei (foreign multinational) company, so Japanese team members must become more flexible and adapt.
The bigger problem is communication. The barrier here is not English. The barrier is not being prepared to speak imperfect English. Japanese team members limit themselves because they do not want to show they are not fluent in English and they fear not being understood.
Leaders Not Managers - Managers Are An Unaffordable Luxury

Leadership Training For Managers (7 Sessions) in Japanese

Doing more, better, faster, with less is driving global business. A cadre of professional managers running organisations is going the way of the typing pool. Organisations can't afford managers to simply manage anymore - they need them to be leaders as well. The solution is our Leadership Training for Managers Course. Before we go too much further, what is the difference between a manager and a leader. Simply put, leaders build people and manage processes. Managers just manage processes.
How to Get That Business Boost: 3 Day Immersion Program - The 5 Drivers of Success

Dale Carnegie Course 3 Day Immersion Program (3 Sessions) in Japanese

Compressed into an action-packed three day program

Sales Professionalism - Success Guaranteed

Sales Advantage Course (8 Sessions) in Japanese

Do you feel your sales team could do more? 
If only you could find the right training!
The Dale Carnegie Sales Advantage Course teaches processes and human relationship principles that will help your team meet and exceed its targets!


How To Give Your New Graduates A Career Boost

Fresh Power Induction Training  in Japanese

New graduates are precious. They are the future of your organisation. You hire them now for potential challenges which don’t yet exist in business today. We need them to be adaptable, confident, and capable of handling whatever the business world will throw at them over the next 45-50 years of their working lives. Best to launch them on the right track from the start. The Fresh Power Induction Training Course is the best preparation for your future company leaders.


In House Courses

If you cannot find a public course that fits your company's schedule or if you would like something more customised, please dial our toll free number 0120-987-099.  In cases where the free dial number doesn't apply, an alternate number is +(81) (0) 3-4520-5470 or email to contact@dale-carnegie.co.jp to discuss delivering the training In-House for you.

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