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Have you ever had days upon days of work deluge.  There is so much to do and so little time.  Running a business means being totally focused on all the details and being across all the issues.  Concentrating on what customers, staff, investors need takes up most of the day.  Days add up into weeks, then months and years go by but the same pattern continues.  Have we been having ten years of experience these last ten years or just one year of basically the same experience ten times? 

We pour our energies into developing others but we neglect ourselves.  We sacrifice our time and energy and all the outputs go in one direction – where are the inputs for us?  How do we replenish our motivation, commitment and strengths when we are so busy working on everything else but ourselves?  Well we can’t and that has to change if we want to play a long game of business success – this is a marathon not a sprint.

Finding our strengths anew and polishing them is what will help us to take our businesses to the next level.  The Dale Carnegie Course is a huge passion, energy, motivation and drive injection for entrepreneurs.  During the course, we are pushed to find our true voice, clearly see our current reality and gather our abilities and take them higher.

What The Dale Carnegie Course Delivers For Entrepreneurs


We re-discover our confidence.  Not the confidence in what we already are good at, but the confidence to challenge things which are new.  To start new projects, to invest in new aspects of the business, to challenge ourselves to go higher.


We work on a new type of leadership.  Not the leadership of status, titles, prestige and position power.  We learn how to gain willing cooperation from others.  How to inspire them to want to do it well, when no one is looking or noticing.    We uncover the strengths in others which we had no idea how to access before, because we are approaching them in a much more effective way.


We achieve real communication.  The ability to really listen, to be clear, concise, relevant and trusted in our communication.  Words don’t have power by themselves.  They must be assembled and delivered in ways which are highly impactful with the listeners.  Only then can we get through to others and have real influence.

People Skills

Our ability to gain the trust of others is directly related to our interactions with them.  Our people skills are everything.  People don’t care how much you know, what they worry about is themselves and how you make them feel when you are around.  Hard paced entrepreneurs sometimes forget this and think that by sheer mental strength and dominance they can bend others to their will.  They can’t.  All they get is superficial respect, compliance and the minimum work input required to keep out of trouble.  Consequently, they leave huge amounts of employee ability, innovation and commitment on the table and never tap into the full power of their relationships.

Stress Management

Stress twists everything into strange configurations.  We become tired, short tempered, we get depressed more easily, our energy stocks become depleted faster, we make mistakes, especially with people.  Our judgement is affected and we can become sick.  Today, we know there is a direct connection between stress and illness and we need to keep that in mind when we face all the pressures that pile up.  We need some solutions and we need them to be practical, something we can implement by ourselves, that works.

It is time to invest in you.  Your challenges today, the business environment, the technology, business social media all are different to what they were ten years ago.  Are the answers you used for the last ten years going to be relevant today? 

You have been busy working in your business, not on your business.  Time to work on you, so that you can rally your strengths and power on though the next ten years.  This time with more self-awareness and deeper insight into how to succeed.  The Dale Carnegie Course pushes our self-awareness, thinking, goals, aspirations and reignites our passion.

Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communications & Human Relations - FREE PREVIEW

Dale Carnegie Course: Effective Communications & Human Relations


To Be Successful Entrepreneurs Must Be Influence Powerhouses

As an entrepreneur, we soon discover the limits of our own circle of influence.  There are only so many hours in the day and so many people we can meet in a week.  To grow, we need scale and we need to get leverage through capital and people.  In both cases, our personal persuasive power to convince others becomes a critical factor in our success. 

Warren Buffett, the most successful investor in history, tells the story of how he struggled.  He was a smart guy, with great investment ideas but convincing others to give him their money was difficult, because he was not persuasive.  He was brilliant in analysing a target company’s situation, but he wasn’t brilliant in explaining why people should trust him with their money.  He was advised by a friend to take Dale Carnegie training.  As he always says in his interviews, this single thing changed his speed of progress completely and made him the outstanding success he is today.  There is a hint right there for other entrepreneurs.  If it had that big an impact on Warren Buffett, then why not get the same results.

Entrepreneurs need to attract hard working people to them, to go on the journey together to build the business.  They need to attract capital to grow the business, either from investors or from lenders.  They need to convince clients to buy from them, to trust them.

The persuasive ability of the entrepreneur is the greatest skill they must have.  Being persuasive isn’t something you are born with – it is a learnt skill.  The number one course on how to become more persuasive is the High Impact Presentations Course.  There are training courses on presentation skills but none as powerful as this one.  If you want to be number one, then do the number one course on how to be persuasive.

Over two days, the participants receive dynamic coaching, unlike anything else available in the market.  Why is that?  The training methodology being applied is the result of over 105 years of kaizen.  It has been localised for Japan over the last 54 years, so it works extremely well. 

This is a totally safe environment.  The feedback is of only two varieties – noting what the speaker did that was good and offering ideas on how it can be done even better.  We allow no critique because we are here to grow, to test, to challenge, to push ourselves.  We need the freedom to experiment.

This High Impact Presentations Course has not only stood the test of time, it has been tested in over 100 countries. The results in every language and country are always the same – outstanding. 

There are two instructors.  One in the main room, who coaches and videos during the delivery.  A second instructor is waiting in the review room, coaching and reviewing the videoed presentation with the participants. The quality of the coaching is the differentiator.  You just can’t get this quality level anywhere else.

All of the key presentation structures are covered in the curriculum as well as how to prepare the visuals and how to deal with really, really tough Q&A.  The power of the coaching results in speakers who are super confident.  Confidence sells. 

They are confident because after these two days they know that regardless of the venue, the time of the day, the audience, the topic, they are going to be in total control of the occasion and impress.  It could be a client meeting, a pitch to investors, a staff town hall, a staff recruiting interview  - it doesn’t matter, because their persuasion ability is so powerful.

Entrepreneurs need to be able to stand up in front of people and impress, not just stand up in front of people.  There is a huge difference between the two.  Just speaking in front of an audience and doing a lousy job is meaningless, in fact it is a big negative.  The entrepreneur is the key person in the company.  They are the “face” of the organisation and make or break their personal and company brands.  Get Dale Carnegie’s High Impact Presentations training and enjoy immediate, measurable results.

Persuasive, Confident, Impressive - Presentation Success Secrets - FREE SESSION

High Impact Presentations Course in English and Japanese (2 Days)


Entrepreneurs Must Be Able To Sell

You are an entrepreneur, fully convinced that what you have will sell.  You have a business idea or a technology or an innovation that the world needs.  Sadly, you are going to fail.

None of these things means anything, unless there is a buyer convinced of the value and prepared to give you sufficient money in exchange for that value.

The ability to sell others on the product or service value, on the vision, on the dream, on the potential, on the possibilities, on you, is crucial to success.

You are convinced it will work or is working, but so what?   You need to persuade many others.  You need to persuade investors to give you money, staff to quit their current employer and join you and clients to buy.

If you don’t have this level of ability to sell others then you will struggle. 

If you can’t sell, then you can’t succeed in your own business. It is that simple. 

You may have the best mousetrap and the world may beat a path to your door, but what do you say when they get there?  You can hire salespeople, but you have to sell them on joining you. 

As the entrepreneur, the first sales begin from you, but: 

  • Are you any good? 
  • Do you know what you are doing? 
  • Do you know how to appeal to buyers? 

Usually, entrepreneurs lack this critical skillset and then wonder why business is so hard.  If you can’t sell, you can get the wrong talent on board, the wrong investors to join you and even potentially the wrong clients. 

Don’t do that!

By the way, here are a few common comments we get from senior company executives about that their salespeople:

"can’t close" 

"don’t understand what the clients’ want" 

"are not asking for the order"

"are afraid of the client and don’t push hard enough to make the sale"

"can’t get referrals"

"don’t cross sell"

"are just passive order takers"

Is this who you want working for you?

If you don’t know how to sell, how will you be able to know who to hire, how to gauge the sales team’s efforts and how will you be able to guide them?

Stop doing it the hard way and sign yourself up for the Sales Advantage Course. 

The course curriculum is comprehensive.  At the end of the training the participants will:

Demonstrate self-confidence needed to overcome the challenges of selling
Communicate value and sell from a buyer’s point of view
Master a consultative selling process to accelerate the sales cycle
Strengthen relationships by building credibility and client loyalty
Develop a positive attitude to generate predictable sales results


The Sales Advantage Course covers the full Sales Cycle:

Build Rapport
Apply a proven seven step selling process to create partnerships with buyers
Employ three strategies to make buyers eager to talk
Establish immediate credibility to build alignment with buyers
Generate Interest
Practice methods to uncover and appeal to different buyer interests
Create power questions to get the information needed from buyers      
Widen the buyer expectation gap to create interest
Provide Solutions
Develop solutions that are unique to the buyer
Formulate solutions that appeal to buyer’s logic and emotions                
Present solutions that are persuasive and convincing
Resolve Objections
Identify points of agreement to lower buyer resistance
Apply a win-win process to identify hidden objections
Respond to the six most common objections with confidence                     

 Appeal To Motives And Gain Commitment

Evaluate buyer perspectives to move the sale forward
Engage the prospect’s emotions in the buying process
Practice six methods to ask for the sale with confidence                             
The Sales Advantage Course also provides a complete guide to the process of
Prospecting, covering how to:
Penetrate existing accounts and increase customer loyalty
Identify the best prospecting methods to fill the sales pipeline                     
Create a referral network of champions who bring business.
We know from our conversations with Sales Leaders that none of us "plan to fail" but salespeople are notorious for "failing to plan".  The true professional knows this is a key element in sales success and Sales Advantage teaches how to:
Develop a motivating personal vision
Establish meaningful goals to ensure higher levels of sales success
Ten ways to manage time to focus on profitable action
Five approaches to add value for clients with effective follow through            
Salespeople are naturally competitive and really enjoy the Sales Competition built into The Sales Advantage Course.  This competition is the icing on the cake and helps to:
Tie the seven step sales process together
Appraise and communicate strengths to create relationships                       
Build on the success experienced in the programme
The Sales Advantage Course is a must for salespeople who want to be successful.  If there was NO RISK to taking this training, because of a 100% satisfaction or your money back guarantee, wouldn’t this make the decision to start now a lot easier?

The Sales Advantage Course is delivered in three parts: 

Part One: there is a 30 minute TeleCoaching session before the course, to explore the areas where you see the greatest benefit in developing further. 

Part Two: a Time-Spaced eight week programme of 3.5 hour sessions.  Time spaced has been shown to be a highly effective learning technology, because it allows the participants to immediately try what they have learnt between sessions and then return the next week and share their experiences with their peers and their instructors. 

Part Three: following the eight 3.5 hour sessions, there are two 2 hour follow-up sessions.


Module 1  Building credibility and rapport with your customers
Module 2  Generate interest in your ideas and approach to problems
Module 3  Provide the kind of solutions your customers really want
Module 4  Resolve objections in a clear and confident way
Module 5  Demonstrate commitment to your customers and gain commitment from your customers
Module 6  Discover the technique for uncovering hidden opportunities
Module 7  Real success requires planning. Discover planning techniques that work
Module 8  Mastering the selling process

Entrepreneurs need to be able to sell.  If you can’t sell then you can’t succeed.  Get the training and become the complete package.

See the details of Impact Sales Training.



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