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How To Choose Training For Your Team

Everyone is a trainer, or so it seems. In such a saturated market, how to you choose a training company you can rely on for quality and consistency. Watch this video to find out how.


The only way to grow your business is to grow your people.  Their potential for higher levels of performance are directly linked to their mindset, skills and abilities.

Selecting a training company can be seen as a simple commercial transaction.  Training is agreed, delivered, paid for and the transaction completed.  Or the company delivering the training can become an important partner, providing specialist expertise and joining forces to provide the client with a powerful and permanent advantage in the marketplace. 

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Why We Are The World Leader in Trainer Quality

Dale Carnegie himself was the ultimate purist and taskmaster about the importance of trainer quality and he set the highest of standards for all time.  Because of his total commitment to trainer quality, we continue to be highly valued by our clients 100 years plus later.

Our pledge:

  1.  Training can only be delivered by Certified Dale Carnegie Trainers.  Dale Carnegie Training is the only global training company to be ISO9001 certified for its trainer development programmes
  1. We produce consistency of the highest levels of trainer quality throughout our trainer delivery
  1. Once you have experienced Dale Carnegie trainer quality, your team will no longer be satisfied with substitutes
  1. To achieve their certification Dale Carnegie Trainers must:
    • Complete 250 hours of train-the–trainer boot camp to certify
    • Pass testing examinations every year to re-certify or lose their certification
    • Have a business background before being accepted into the train-the-trainer boot camp programme
    • Achieve specified VOC (Voice of the Customer) appraisals to keep their certification
    • Attend on-going professional development sessions

“Threading a camel through the eye of a needle is easy

than becoming a Dale Carnegie Trainer!”

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Customisation Capabilities

Every company’s situation is different.  Being able to custom make training for your company’s special needs is an important obligation for leaders selecting training companies . 

For many training companies, customising the training for a client for one class is a point of pain.  The time and cost to develop that single programme are prohibitive and so the suggestion is resisted.  We are totally different. Drawing on our 100 plus years of practical adult learning and curriculum development experience, Dale Carnegie has an unfair advantage in this area.  Customisation is one of our unique differentiation points

We have broken big topics like leadership, management or sales etc. down into bite size pieces, into basic building blocks like “molecules”.  By creating micro-segments, we have been able to take these curriculum “molecules” and quickly reassemble them to create fully individual, customised programmes for clients. 

These programmes perfectly reflect the special circumstances of the client and delivers exactly what you need. 

We use a modular system, arranging the “molecules” into 2 hour training blocks, around the most sought after themes.  There are six broad curriculum areas encompassing over 150 modules. These are our higher level building blocks for creating customisation for clients. When you click on each link below, there is list of the topics covered and a one page summary of the Primary and Related Competency Categories for each topic.

Team Member Engagement

Leadership Development

Sales Effectiveness

Customer Service

Presentation Effectiveness

Process Improvement


When we customise we might take a whole module, a half page or just a diagram, as we combine the “molecules” together, to capture precisely what the client you need.  If you feel you have some special requirements then talk to us now, because we will build the training for you, “molecule” by “molecule”.


Perfect Match Courses and Seminars

Some of our clients don’t need customisation.  This occurs because the existing courses and seminars fit the bill perfectly already.  The courses and seminars themselves are constantly being refined, reflecting the needs of our clients across 95 countries and 30 languages.  We bring the training In-House and offer specific customisation through our delivery.  We can do this because we have interviewed the leaders and trainees and have a clear idea of the skill gaps.  We also understand the key messages which you require us to deliver through the training.

We offer proven courses and seminars which represent Best Practice in their curriculum specialities. For details of the Core Courses please follow this link to the Courses page of the website.  Also, please see our list of In-House Seminars.

Core Courses:


What Happens When We Only Have A Few People To Train?

In some cases, our clients don’t have enough people to warrant an In-House programme.  Or, they worry about their team becoming too insular and want to broaden their perspectives, by having them mix with classmates from various industries.  The perfect solution to these requirements are our Public Programmes. 

It often happens that there will be one or two individuals in the team, who despite having many positive qualities, also have some deficiencies that are holding them back.  An In-House course doesn’t make sense to fix the gaps for a limited number of individuals.  In this event, sending them off to a Public Course or Seminar works perfectly.

We Offer Clients The Greatest Flexibility

Be it for the whole team, delivering a highly customised programme or for just one individual, Dale Carnegie Training Japan has the flexibility and scope to meet your needs.

Course Previews Available

If you would like a “taste” of our courses and wish to experience what makes Dale Carnegie different and superior, you are invited to attend one of our Free Sessions.  We offer these regularly for our Core Courses.

While you are on our site, don’t miss the opportunity to download from our big selection of topics in our free White Papers and Guidebooks section.  Or you might like our Videos and Podcasts.  There is terrific value here for you.

To make the right selection of your training partner, please read the attachment, “Why Choose Dale Carnegie Training”

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We have removed the risk!


By the way, one of our biggest fans is the most successful businessman in history – Warren Buffett.  Watch this short 30 second video, where he notes that he only has his Dale Carnegie Training Diploma on his office wall, because the Dale Carnegie Course  “changed my life”.


Dale Carnegie Training Can Change Your People’s Lives Too!


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