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In today’s job market, recruiters are looking for specific skills from candidates.  They are putting a priority on candidates’ relevant experience, communication abilities and people skills. Make sure you have developed these skills BEFORE you get to the interview.  Becoming an intern at Dale Carnegie Training Japan helps you to develop all three areas at the same time.  This internship is a perfect preparation, not only for your job interviews, but for when you actually enter your new company.  Everyone will be judging you, when you start your first job.  Make sure you pass the test! 

Being an intern with us means you will be working in a professional bilingual environment.  You will be using English in business every day and you will be exposed to how the real world of international business actually works.  We are a global brand, with offices in 91 countries and we teach in 30 languages.  We have been teaching leadership, sales, communication and presentation skills for over 100 years and more than 50 years in japan. Today 90% of the Fortune 500 companies prefer Dale Carnegie Training as their training provider.

We will supply you with the opportunity to study English, marketing, sales and logistics while you are working with us.  This is a big plus for your credibility with company recruiters, as more and more companies in Japan look for staff who can operate at an international level.  You will stand apart as a much more attractive candidate than your peers, who are only speaking English but who have no prominent or relevant international business experience.

One of the many benefits of being an intern with us is the Dale Carnegie training you will receive.  You will participate in our How To Get That Business Boost programme (Dale Carnegie Course).  This is an 8 week course, with a satisfaction rate of 98.3%, completed by over 100,000 people in Japan and which started in 1912 in New York.  Think of the amount of kaizen which has gone into this programme!  If you were to invest in this programme yourself, you would pay 190,000 yen to do so, but as an intern with us, you participate for free.  Further, we run two Public Seminars each month and you will be able to join some of these, again for free.

Why do we recommend you take our training?  Make no mistake, success in your career will be determined by how well you get on with other people.   Hard skills are a given, you must have that necessary expertise required in your field.  To succeed though, you need mastery of the soft skills.  The ability to persuade a client or customer to buy is a critical persuasion skill.  So is getting your boss to recognise you, your colleagues to assist you and your future subordinates to follow you. 

Look around you and you will find your peers are all trapped in their existing patterns of interaction.  They approach everyone from the base of their preferred personality style.  They engage with others as they prefer, not how the other person prefers.  Your peers don’t change either.  Even if they are not getting the amount of success they feel they deserve or they desire, they keep doing the same things, in the same manner. Einstein made the wry observation that we can define insanity as doing the same thing every time, but expecting a different result!

The reason they don’t change is because they don’t want to change and usually because they have no idea how to change.  Change is possible though, but it requires they do new things or do old things in a new way.  Regardless, they don’t go for either option, because they have to step out of their Comfort Zone to do so.  They take the same commuter route every day, eat in the same restaurants they like, and hang out with the same group of friends they feel comfortable with. Through working with us and receiving our world class training, you will be able to expand your Comfort Zone, thus becoming a more attractive candidate for company recruiters.

Start your career the right way, learn to be open to change – you will see a lot over the next 50 years of your working life!  There is a success formula in business – just follow it and you will move forward and upward in your career. 

An internship with Dale Carnegie Training Japan is a brilliant way to launch your career, while you are completing your university studies. Maximise the insights and understanding available to you from our 102 years of experience and join our team as an intern.

Position Internship

For students interested in sales, training and marketing, the intern will assist in the following.

  • Data input
  • Report creation and distribution
  • Editing training manuals
  • Preparation of training
  • Special projects as necessary
  • Ad-hoc activities

University students

  • Basic computer literacy (Word/Excel/PowerPoint) is a must
  • English ability is a plus
  • Minimum of 3 months
  • Twice a week
Place of work
Akasaka area of Minato-ku in Tokyo.
Work hours Part-time during 9:30-17:00, negotiable
Compensation Reimbursement for travel and meals

Participation in the Dale Carnegie Training courses and seminars

Application method

Candidates should submit their resume (preferably in Japanese and English) to the e-mail address below.



1) Submission of application

2) Application screening

3) Interview

3-Day Immersion Dale Carnegie Course



Akasaka 2-chome Annex #501, 2-19-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, JP
P: +81 3 45205470

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