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Why We Are Passionate About Dale Carnegie Training


We are blessed today with the collected and collective wisdom of many ancient civilisations.  Modern breakthroughs in science, arts, medicine, technology, etc., continue to astound each successive generation.  Despite ancient wisdom and modern breakthroughs, we still struggle in one vital area – getting on with each other.  Dale Carnegie has added to our collective wisdom, but he has done much more than that.  He has created a practical training system, aligned around his 30 Human Relations Principles, which if we apply them, guarantees our people skills will improve.

Every organisation needs greater soft skill development.  Despite our rich heritage, each generation continues to re-discover, “people don’t care how much you know, until they know how much you care”.  Hard skills are the basics – you must have them.  They alone however are not enough.  Being smart and nasty is no help.  Being talented and self-centered will not take you far.  Imagining you will rise to the top, without the support of people around you is folly. The American baseball coach Yogi Berra sagely commented,  “Leading is easy.  Getting people to follow you is the difficult part”.

Recent global research, duplicated in Japan, found the same results – employees who feel valued become enthusiastic, inspired, empowered and confident.  This leads them to become engaged and to add discretionary effort to their tasks, motivated to innovate.  We all need more people like this in our teams.  These are results we offer, using a proven system, readily available.

Dale Carnegie Training Japan has been around for a long time, launched in 1963.  Dale Carnegie himself had previously visited four times, traveled extensively around Japan and was a big fan.  Today, we continue his original vision that we can change our world, if we change ourselves.  We can change our relationships, if we change our approach to each other.  We can improve leadership and teamwork, if we are marshaling the massive latent power of the people in our enterprise.

The rise of technology and our increasing insular, solitary engagement with hand held small screens, just underlines the importance of taking counter measures to ensure better communication and better human relations.  Dale Carnegie’s adult learning breakthroughs are even more important in this modern business world, than when he commenced his first training session on 125th Street, New York in 1912.

Through our commitment to excellence in content and delivery, plus our firm belief in the powerful impact of the 30 Principles (the solid core of the curriculum), we know from long experience that WHAT WE DO WORKS!  We believe it, because we see it.  We see our graduates changing their lives and careers for the better, becoming more adept at gaining the willing cooperation of others.  We see tensions in the workplace being replaced with smooth cooperation.  We see better leadership, greater persuasion power and superior client sales conversations taking place.

We are safeguarding family futures by building people’s careers through Dale Carnegie Training.  We are doing this in 91 countries and in more than 30 languages.  With every training session, we are changing our world – one person at a time.  That is why Dale Carnegie is still relevant 102 years after being launched and is still so needed today, nearly 60 years after the founder’s passing.  Business in this country must climb out of the hole it has been digging for itself, over the last three decades and we are committed to playing our role in helping that process. 

People do make a difference and are the key to success.
We all need to be better with each other

By igniting workplace enthusiasm, we are building a better Japan, class-by-class, session-by-session, graduate-by-graduate.  This is why we come to work everyday, why we love what we do. 

This is not a job, we are on a mission to change the world!


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