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Story-sans_page_No.2Our clients tell us, it is comforting for them to know that we have a strong track record, through the fact that Dale Carnegie Training is the oldest corporate training company in the world. We have also had a long presence in Japan and on January 8th, 2013 we celebrated our 50th year in delivering training in Japan.  We are not sure, but we might also be the oldest, continuously operating corporate training organisation in Japan as well.  Let us know if you know of someone older than us!

What all of this means is that our clients continue to recognise the contribution we make toward their success.  By the way, we recently measured this satisfaction rate.  We asked the Carnegie University in the USA for the trainer satisfaction scores records for Japan for:

(1) all courses

(2) all seminars

(3) for all trainers

(4) for the last 5 years

The result was a total of 97.7% average satisfaction rate.  That is an outstanding result and reflects the reality that “what we do works!”.

If you asked us what is the one thing we are trying to achieve for clients, it would be behaviour change in our participants.  If you don’t get behaviour change, then people keep doing the same things, in the same way, getting the same result.  Einstein’s definition of insanity is “doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results”.  Our clients are looking for better results and this is where behaviour change becomes so important.

A hundred plus years of history means that we bring great depth of experience to adult learning for clients.  Every minute of the day, somewhere across 91 countries around the world we are running Dale Carnegie training.  Our clients benefit from this global coverage, because trainer best practice is shared and the innovation is shared.  This is why our training delivery is recognised by our clients as high return on their investment.  Clients also value the fact that we can deliver training for them anywhere in the world, wherever they need it.

On behalf of our clients, Dale Carnegie takes trainer development very seriously. That is why we are the only global training provider with ISO 9001 certification.

It is important to note that trainer performance is constantly being monitored and compared through our Total Quality Index scores in real time. What all this means is that our “professional development” of our train-the-trainer process is very well established and producing exceptional results. 

For clients this is an important consideration, because the reality is that the brand of a training company is re-created every day with every class.  There is no doubt that Dale Carnegie trainers are an elite group.  You must have run a business, you must undergo 250 hours of training, you must re-certify each year and you must continue your professional trainer education.  Master Trainers regularly visit Japan to keep us on our toes, and make sure that the global standard is being maintained and kept at the highest possible level.

Every year we hold Global or Regional Conventions to bring together the best minds and deepest experience in the world, to advance training professionalism.  We celebrated our 100th Anniversary at the World Convention in Hawaii in December 2012.  What a special occasion that was to recognize Dale Carnegie as the pioneer of adult workplace education.  In Tokyo in October 2013, we had 160 graduates and fans join us for our 50th Anniversary celebration.  Not bad given we had two typhoons hitting Tokyo that day!

Dale Carnegie Training is special, but only because we are special for our clients.  We look forward to celebrating our 100th Anniversary in Japan, continuing to support our clients and assist them in achieving the results they seek.  We do this by providing behaviour change in people, allowing them to break out of their Comfort Zones, to achieve higher levels of personal performance.

What we do works!

Dr. Greg Story


Dale Carnegie Training Japan

Dr. Greg Story, President

Dr. Greg Story, President
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