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There are powerful reasons explaining why Dale Carnegie’s research, insights and breakthroughs are as relevant today as they were when he began offering classes in New York in 1912.  They are timeless, universal.  Applicable everywhere – in all languages and across all cultures.

Soft skills mastery in team building, leadership, persuasive presentations, sales, customer service, innovation and process improvement are our forte.  Today Dale Carnegie’s teachings are still current and compelling - the result of more than a century of kaizen or constant refinement.  One hundred and two years of rigorous testing and nine million graduates world-wide, tells you that Dale Carnegie’s corporate training systems have continuing value, relevance and staying power. 

“It changed my life is how the most successful businessman in history describes the training.  Warren Buffet is a big fan.  He talks about having none of his college diplomas on the walls of his office, but that he does have his Dale Carnegie graduation certificate.  He readily acknowledges he reached the pinnacle of success because of the skills he learnt from Dale Carnegie Training.

When we are choosing a guide, it is best to select those who have done this before – many, many, many times.  It is important that what you are being taught has been tested over and over again, employing proven methodologies.  In Japan, we have been proving how powerful this training is for the last 51 years.  It works!

For your instructor, don’t you want those doing the teaching to be the best of the best?  To become a Dale Carnegie Trainer requires 250 hours of training, minimum!  You must re-certify every year, you must keep studying, you must keep pushing.  Every class goes through an evaluation process (Total Quality Index) that allows comparison of the trainer against global standards, ensuring Dale Carnegie Trainers are the elite of the elite.

Dale Carnegie pioneered self-development based on the simple insight that across all businesses, we all need to be better with people.  Whether we are salespeople, leaders, managers, colleagues, etc., in whichever field, we get business to move forward by the ability of our people to move forward.

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Dale Carnegie Course (8 Sessions)


Persuasive, Confident, Impressive - Presentation Success Secrets
High Impact Presentations Course (2 Days)


Leaders Not Managers - Managers Are An Unaffordable Luxury
Leadership Training For Managers (7 Sessions) 


Sales Professionalism - Success Guaranteed
Sales Advantage Course (8 Sessions)


Successful Sales Leadership
Sales Leadership Course (3 Sessions)


How to Be Confident in English - The Secrets of International Communication Success
Confident English Course (3 Sessions)

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