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Tuesday, 2018 April 17

The Dale Carnegie Immersion Seminar - 3 Day Program

Tuesday, 2018 April 17
09:00 - 17:00

Registration End Date: Monday, 2018 April 16, 00:00

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Course Information

If you've always wanted to take the world-famous Dale Carnegie Course but could not free up the time to do it, here is great news. For busy people like you, we've taken the essential business skills taught in the time spaced program and compressed them into an action-packed three day seminar. Don't miss this opportunity to experience the power of the Dale Carnegie Course in a format designed for your business schedule. Take that important first step toward joining the ranks of the world's most successful business leaders.
This unique three-day seminar will help you master the skills you need to excel in today's competitive workplace. You'll learn to handle people more professionally and keep pace with fast-changing workplace conditions. After you complete the seminar you'll be equipped to perform as a persuasive communicator, creative problem solver and intelligent risk-taker. The program emphasizes the principles of success and shows you how to put them into action every day.

Language: Japanese


Registration End Date: Monday, 2018 April 16, 00:00

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Japan 【Japanese】Tokyo, Minato-ku Wednesday, 2018 November 14
09:00 - 17:00
3 days
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High Performance Center Akasaka - Mochizuki Room
2-19-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku
Akasaka 2-chome Annex 5F
【Japanese】Tokyo, Minato-ku 107-0052
+81 3 4520 5470
Tokyo Metro Namboku Line/ Ginza Line "Tameike-sanno" station Exit #12 (2 min) Tokyo Metro Namboku Line "Roppongi 1-chome" station Exit #3 (4 min)

Who Should Attend

Business professionals who want to accelerate their career velocity but don't have time to take the time spaced Dale Carnegie Course.


This video is about How To Be Brilliant With People. The Dale Carnegie Course works on mastering the 5 Drivers of Business Success. Over 12 weeks the course develops confidence, leadership, communication, people skills and stress management. This course embodies over 100 years of constant kaizen and builds careers.

This video is about How To Create Trust, Have Influence And Build Your People. The Dale Carnegie Course is a tremendous boost to our careers. We start leading an intentional life, become more enthusiastic, have greater influence with others and gain their trust. We stop having arguments with our colleagues and enjoy a much better work envirnoment. We become known as a person who can build others and therefore we are recognised and given greater roles and more responsibility.

This video is about How To Use Human Relations Principles To Be Better With Others. There are proven principles which help us to improve our relationships with the people around us. We cover some of them in this video and explain how to apply them in action.

Module 1:
Build a Foundation for Success
Module 2:
Recall and Use Names
Module 3:
Build on Memory Skills and Enhance Relationships
Module 4:
Increase Self Confidence
Module 5:
Enhance Relationships and Motivate Others
Module 6:
Make Our Ideas Clear
Module 7:
Energize Our Communication
Module 8:
Put Stress in Perspective
Module 9:
Gain Willing Cooperation and Commit to Influence Others
Module 10:
Disagree Agreeably
Module 11:
Develop More Flexibility
Module 12:
Build Others and Ourselves Through Recognition

Akasaka 2-chome Annex #501, 2-19-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, 107-0052, JP
P: +81 3 45205470

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