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As a global thought leader in workplace training and development Dale Carnegie Training produces guide books.  The guide books provide you with useful tips to be more effective in the workplace. Download a Dale Carnegie Training Guide Book Today!  

goldenbook_iconDale Carnegie's Secrets of Success

Dale Carnegie's book How to Win Friends and Influence People is the most influential business book of the twentieth century. Download a free copy of his principles and learn why! These are the same key principles we use in our training and consulting services for professionals and companies of all sizes in all business segments around the worldwide.
   9 Principles to Become A Friendlier Person
   12 Principles to Win People to your Way of Thinking
   9 Principles to Be a Leader

speaking_effectively_iconPresentation Effectiveness: Speak More Effectively Guide 

This presentation booklet reveals tips and success stories Mr. Dale Carnegie discovered and compiled throughout his career. Learn his secrets – and you can speak effectively, too! 
""You may be saying to yourself: “Is there really a quick and easy way to learn to speak in public—or is that merely an intriguing title that promises more than it delivers?”
No, I am not exaggerating. I am really going to let you in on a vital secret—a secret that will make it easier for you to speak in public immediately. Where did I discover this? In some book? No. In some college course in public speaking? No. I never even heard it mentioned there. I had to discover it the hard way— gradually, slowly, painfully. ""

buyerobj_iconSales Effectiveness: Overcoming Buyer Objections Guide

Resolving objections effectively is a process that involves careful, sensitive listening and positive, factual responses to a buyer’s concerns. Buyer objections are not always rational. Objections are often totally emotional. You must respond to customers’ emotional needs and to the obstacles preventing them from buying, if you want to build long-term relationships.

customersrv_iconOutstanding Customer Service Guide

Dale Carnegie's Tips for Outstanding Customer Service - Free! Dale Carnegie wrote the most influential business book of the twentieth century - How to Win Friends and Influence People. Learn how you can apply principles from this book in the context of customer service - and start delivering worldclass customer service today!

Download "Outstanding Customer Service Guide"

 communicate-dipNtact_600Communicate with Diplomacy & Tact: Assessment

Your success in the workplace depends on your ability to effectively communicate with diplomacy and tact. Download this free assessment and find out if you have the skills to communicate effectively in the workplace.

Download "How to Communicate with Diplomacy & Tact: Assessment"

generations_motivation_600Leading A Multi-Generational Workforce: An Employee Engaging and Coaching Guide

Mangers need to recognize how to motivate team members individually and capitalize on strengths members of different generations bring to the team. Understanding attitudinal and behavioral differences among team members of different generations is an important tool of driving employee engagement. Learn the Dale Carnegie TIPS of coaching, motivating, and engaging the generations of todays workforce.

employee_motivation_assesment_600Employee Motivation Assessment & Guide

Motivation, enthusiasm, and engagement are the top qualities of extra ordinary employees who are ready to go the extra mile for their team and company goals. The question is are your employees motivated and engaged?


50 Employee Engagement Ideas and Tips

Dale Carnegie Training released a research study that identifies the main drivers of employee engagement. The study findings provide a benchmark for organizations that are looking for employee engagement ideas to impact their teams.


How To Provide Feedback

Providing feedback especially negative feedback is something that many managers avoid at all cost. Effective managers know that providing honest feedback (good or bad) is critical to the success of an individual or team. Only when honest dialog can occur can  managers create coaching opportunities and give the individual a change to reach this full potential.

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negotiation_skills_mastery_600Strategies for Success: Negotiations Skills Mastery

Due to technology and the Internet today’s prospects, customers, and business partners are more educated and prepared, have access to information right away, and have more alternatives available. In response to this new reality, negotiators must be equally informed and prepared, respect the other party’s interests, and be ready to provide "win-win" solutions to remain competitive.

Performance-ReviewHow To Run An Effective Performance Review

Some reviews start with "Performance Results Descriptions." This is a picture of what a job well done looks like, along with a "Result Measurement System" that shows good or bad performance. Found out what are the 5 Steps of an effective Performance Review. 


interview_iconInterviewing Guide (College-Aged)

Preparing for job interviews can be both exciting and a little scary! Whether you are a graduating senior, or you have started working for a while and are getting ready for your next move, this guide has the exact tips you need that may very well help you land your ideal job!
"You've put together an awesome resume and cover letter tailored to your dream job and ideal organization and you've landed an interview. Way to go! You've made it to first base. Now comes the exciting, and often dreaded, part of your job search... the interview."

coaching_iconLeadership Coaching Guide

Help Your Employees Improve Their Performance: BE THEIR COACH! Today's leader needs to develop skills that motivate teams to excel - and key among these skills is coaching. Help your employees improve their performance and in turn your company's performance!
7 Steps for the Performance Coaching - start from identifying opportunitites for another person, for themselves ...

conflict_resolution_600Conflict Resolution Guide

Internal conflicts can be detrimental to your company morale and business results. Having the skills to resolve internal conflicts effectively is one of the biggest challenges in today’s business world and is vital to success. The Internal Conflict Resolution Guidebook from Dale Carnegie Training provides you practical strategies in resolving interpersonal conflicts at the workplace, and helps you change your attitude and behavior so you can minimize conflicts altogether.

Team Conflict Resolution Strategies - Free Guide
Conflict is a natural part of business. It can be an opportunity to discover new approaches to challenges but it can also hinder the implementation of change within your organization or team. As team leader you must use the right approach to deal with team conflict resolution strategies that mitigate issues while maintaining positive relationships between team members.


Change_Management_600Change Management: A Leadership Guide to Change in the Workplace

The Change Management Guide can help you prepare for change, engage your employees through the change, and drive positive outcomes. Get the skills you need to reduce the stress for your employees and to improve the work quality after organizational change is implemented.

leaders_guide_to_innovation_iconLeader's Guide to Innovation

In today’s fast-paced business world, if you are not innovating, you are falling behind. Every organization today needs to do more with less, reach new customers, and use resources wisely. As a business leader, you must foster innovation with your team to meet your ever increasing goals.

Time-Management-600Time Management Tips Guide

Your ability to manage your time effectively directly effects your productivity and stress levels. Get the tools you need to get organized, be more productive, and reduce your stress. Download Dale Carnegie Training's Free Time Management Tips Guide.

sales-management-600Sales Management Guidebook

As a sales manager you can impact engagement levels and make your sales people more effective! We have found the relationship between managers and their team members is one of the primary drivers of employee engagement and team success.

PDF_IconSecrets of Leadership Success in the Digital Age: Essentials of           Engagement

In today’s digital world, when a staff meeting is called it most likely includes a conference bridge, online meeting, or video chat. Organizations and their teams are more spread out than ever before. Dale Carnegie Training’s Secrets of Leadership Success will give you the tools to build relationships that create trust, ensure alignment, and build engagement.


Time Management: A Guide to the Digital Workplace

 Learn how to identify obstacles, manage priorities, and leverage your time online, to better organize your personal life and reduce stress!

power_of_mentoring Best Practices for Unleashing the Power of Mentoring in Your Organization

Mentoring is an effective way to engage employees. Research by Dale Carnegie Training has found that employee’s belief in senior management and their relationship with their immediate manager have a very large impact on employee development and engagement levels.


Leading Virtual Teams: Tips & Techniques for Virtual Leaders

Whether you are a leader of a virtual or traditional team, understanding human relationships and basic leadership principles can go a long way in managing associates.


 Sales Guide: How to Cold Call and Build New Customers in    the Digital Age

With as much as 50% new business required to meet production goals, cold calling is a critical element of a sales person's pipeline. Equipped with the right tools, successful sales people lead with value and turn boring cold calls into a business improvement discussion. Dale Carnegie Training’s Sales Guide in the Digital Age will help you take the stress out of cold calling and increase your hit ratio.

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