Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

Seminar Summary

Our career success depends to a large extent on the trusting, dynamic relationships that you build at every stage of your professional development.  
When the time comes for you to speak – be it in the Boardroom, at the section meeting, in front of colleagues, to your team, to the whole company, to the labor union, to the shareholders, etc. HAVE NO FEAR! …stand tall and confident and know you can deliver!  
Enthusiasm and positive attitudes spread just as quickly and affect performance just as much – in the right direction. Now you can learn to create an atmosphere of success and positive thinking throughout your organization from the master of enthusiasm.  
Miscommunication is probably the biggest single cause of business foul-ups. You think you were clear; you think you provided the complete picture; you think the other person understood. And yet the work product does not meet your expectations.  
Leaders build people and manage processes. Managers manage processes… therein lies the key difference between the two. Going from Manager to Leader is not just changing the details on your business card. This is a totally different game.  
Innovation & Planning 
Innovative Thinking for your Teams and Organizations!  Develop Frameworks to Compete in New Markets!  Gain Flexibility to Overcome Unforeseen Changes!
Secrets of Persuasive Presentations
You learn to incorporate the three elements of a superb persuasive presenter: earning the right to present on the topic, being excited about our topic, and being eager to share the importance of your message with your listeners. 
Diversity & Inclusion
You learn Work Life Balance, Valuing Diversity, Solving Problems and Making Decisions, Innovation.
Are you frequently stressed out by the unrealistic expectations of others who think their issues are the really urgent ones? Does it seem that you are swimming against the tide of procrastination? If so, then it’s time to fight back and take control of your day. 
Mastering multi-tasking is a necessity to succeed in business today. Technology is changing at lightening speed, workloads are increasing daily, demands made on your time and attention are coming from multiple sources, increased productivity is the order of the day .... you have little choice but to multi-task.  In fact, multi-tasking has become second nature to you, but are you doing it right?
In this seminar, you will assess your current reactions to stress, then explore ways to clarify where you have a measure of control. Identifying different kinds of stress, and different responses people have, will help you identify how to use more of your innate resiliency to stressful internal and external factors.
This intensive program begins by helping you define your role in the company’s plan. Next you’ll learn to create personal goals that align with corporate objectives and install a personal accountability system for yourself that focuses your attention on critical success factors. Finally, you’ll see how to “cascade” your goals and accountability to the employees in your group. 

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