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Effective Communications & Human Relationslearn-more

Dale Carnegie Course: Skills For Success - FREE PREVIEW (English and Japanese)

Running your own business or working on your career, means doing more, faster, better and with less.  Success in any field at some point requires interaction with others.  The ability to persuade a client or customer to buy is a critical persuasion skill.  So is getting your boss to recognize you, your colleagues to assist you and your subordinates to follow you.


Persuasive, Confident, Impressive -
Presentation Success Secrets

High Impact Presentations - Free Session (English and Japanese)

After two days of taking our High Impact Presentations Course, you will be transformed!  You will complete the training and be superbly confident. There is a proven Dale Carnegie formula for success in presenting: Structure + Content + Delivery = Impact. 


How to Be Confident in English -The Secrets of
International Communication Successlearn-more

Confident English Course - Free Session (English)

"Our Japanese team do not fully show their ability.  They don’t participate much during the Conference Calls or when visiting VIPS come to Japan for meetings.  When our global headquarters looks for talent they always overlook Japan, because they can’t find any impressive people.  We know they are talented but they just don’t show it".  We hear this all of the time from clients.  In this Confident English Course we deal with these issues directly.


Leaders Not Managers -
Managers Are An Unaffordable Luxurylearn-more

Leadership Training for Managers - Free Session (Japanese)

Organizations can't afford managers to simply manage anymore - they need them to be leaders as well. The solution is our Leadership Training for Managers Course.  Before we go too much further, what is the difference between a manager and a leader.  Simply put, leaders build people and manage processes. Managers just manage processes.


Sales Professionalism - Success Guaranteedlearn-more

Sales Advantage Course - Free Session (Japanese)

"Sales is nothing more than the transfer of enthusiasm".  "The salesperson’s belief in what they are selling is critical to sales success".  These statements are true, up to a point.  In reality, belief backed up by solid structure, a defined sales cycle and a planned, clear path forward determines success or failure.


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