Igniting Workplace Enthusiasm

How to Keep Your Staff Engaged, Energized & Motivated

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"The results have affected our bottom-line because people do their job more thoroughly with more pride and confidence. The morale and quality of performance is improved. The rewards reaped far exceed the cost."–President, Development Company

In a rapidly changing business environment having a motivated staff can mean the difference between generating satisfactory accomplishments or managing a powerful high performance department.
Studies show that business leaders regard employee engagement to be essential to the competitive success of their companies. Getting and keeping your staff fully engaged and energized will help you meet your goals, boost productivity, increase profits, and reduce absenteeism and turnover.
This new one-day seminar will show you how to cultivate an inspired and motivated work place. Gain strategies to understand what your staff needs to become fully engaged and committed to their work. Learn ways to help employees renew and replenish their energy throughout the day resulting in increased concentration, focus and maximum contribution.

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Who Should Attend

Managers, team leaders, department heads, supervisors and any business professionals who want to achieve superior performance and increased productivity of their department and staff.


Learn How To
  • Leverage individual strengths for greater performance
  • Instill a sense of purpose in your employees
  • Effectively manage energy as well as time
  • Improve communications and relations with your staff
  • Convert disengaged workers to motivated employees
  • Get buy-in from your staff and gain commitment
  • Balance energy expenditure with energy renewal
  • Embrace a talent management mindset
  • Build a foundation for a supportive work environment


Team Pricing

Team Pricing is available when you pre-register as a group. (Prices below are per person.)
3 people \ 21,000 ea.
5 people \ 19,000 ea.
7 people \ 17,000 ea.
10 people \ 15,000 ea.
The team pricing will be reflected to the invoice.
Please contact Miwa Tanimoto for more information. (TEL: 03-4520-5470)

Akasaka 2-chome Annex #501, 2-19-8 Akasaka, Minato-ku, Tokyo, - 107-0052, JP
P: +81 3 45205470

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