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Follow Up Sessions for the Core Course Graduates

Follow Up Sessions are available after the course graduation

Applicable to all the graduates of the courses


Fee: Already included in your core course fee
Follow up sessions for the course graduates
Dale Carnegie Course
High Impact Presentations Course
Leadership Training for Managers
Sales Advantage Course
How to Register:
Please fill in the form below.
The key activities of each course.  No assignment required.
Please bring the text used in the course.
※ The free follow-up sessions are applicable to all the courses.
※ Please see the timetable below for each course.
※ Please make sure that you apply for the right venue (Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, Fukuoka) for the Dale Carnegie Course.

Follow Up Sessions Timetable

Dale Carnegie Course
Place Language Date DOW Start End
Nagoya JP 16-Jul-16 Sat 9:00 12:00
Tokyo JP 21-Jul-16 Thu 18:30 21:45
Fukuoka JP 20-Aug-16 Sat 9:00 12:00
Tokyo JP 8-Oct-16 Sat 14:00 17:30
Tokyo EN 18-Nov-16 Fri 18:30 21:45
Nagoya JP 3-Dec-16 Sat 9:00 12:00
Osaka JP 14-Jan-17 Sat 9:00 12:00
Osaka JP 4-Feb-17 Sat 9:00 12:00


High Impact Presentations Course
Place Language Date DOW Start End
Tokyo JP 9 Sep 2016 Fri 18:30 21:45
Tokyo EN 7 Oct 2016 Fri 18:30 21:45


Sales Advantage Course
Place Language Date DOW Start End


Leadership Training For Managers
Place Language Date DOW Start End
Tokyo JP 18 Oct 2016 Tue 18:30 21:45



For any questions and inquiries, please feel free to contact us.
contact@dale-carnegie.co.jp / 03-4520-5470



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